New Swing Prism Borescope with an extra wide angle of view of 50°

02/06/2006 | 企业概况

Swivelling V-Block 370 mm x 8mm

Our unique swing prism borescopes with an extra wide angle of view of 50° and optimum illumination over the entire swivelling range have to date not been matched in technical endoscopy. In combination with a TECHNO ARC 60 light source, the swing prism borescopes provide needle-sharp images over the extreme rotation range of over 145°.

Special features:

  • Extra wide angle of view of 50°
  • Optimum light distribution over the entire observation range
  • Extremely wide swivelling range of 145°

Technical facts

Swivelling V-Block 370 or 470 mm x 8mm ø,observation range 15° up to 120° / 400° shaft rotation, single hand usage for complete adjustment of viewing direction in 2 dimensions (swivelling and rotational), an indicator index for the viewing direction (rotation) is integrated into the image, illumination adapted to the swivelling range by optimal light distribution, easy, ergonomic, forward-inclined handle for low-fatigue endoscopy.