KARL STORZ Endoscopy (UK) Ltd Dundee Office

06/06/2014 | Компания

KARL STORZ Endoscopy (UK) Ltd Dundee Office

KARL STORZ UK’s Dundee Office Expansion Project, Interview with David McArthur by Sharon Collins, Head of Marketing at ISG

What was it like working with ISG?

I found ISG to be very helpful and they communicated any issues etc appropriately during the project.

Why was ISG successful in securing the scheme?

They had the most competitive quote plus they are highly regarded in the market place.

How do the new offices compare to your previous working environment?

It is like chalk and cheese. The working conditions and feel of the office is much better and looks more professional. It is a place we are proud to show off now.

David McArthur

What difference did the early handover of part of the building make to you and your team?

It was a necessity. If this hadn’t been actioned then the build could well have proven to be much more expensive plus there would have been a longer delay.

How important were team relationships and collaborative working on this project?

Very important. I had a good relationship with Stuart Coutts so that if there were any issues we discussed these through and worked together to get an adequate solution.

What do you think ISG brought to the table that’s unique, that perhaps other construction companies couldn’t?

I don’t know about unique but I felt they were considerate to all our company needs.

And finally, how would you describe ISG to one of your peers looking to deliver a similar project?

I would have no hesitation in recommending ISG for any similar projects.