Application in Industrial Endoscopy

The KARL STORZ Industrial Group has developed into a very successful fullrange supplier in industrial endoscopy.
Applications in Industrial Endoscopy are highly varied and nearly limitless. For instance, they include interior inspections of turbines, contraband inspections in vehicles and Research on the structure of termite hills. We aim to reflect this variety by offering one of the most comprehensive product range.
All of our product are easy and quick to operate and are designed to be suitable for a wide range of working conditions and applications.


Borescopes, Flexoscopes and Videoscopes are indispensable in aerospace.

Their key advantages are ease of inspection, low cost, and minimal time requirements. As inspection and measuring systems, our endoscopes set international standards in aerospace. The user-friendly and reliable devices are developed, produced, and tested for professional use. The MULTIPOINT measuring system’s brilliant image quality and high accuracy of measurement particularly contribute to our systems’ success.

The certification of our swing-prim borescope for the Pratt & Whitney F100 engine and the approval of the 6 mm MULTIPOINT videoscope for the EuroJet EJ 200 "Eurofighter" reflect confidence in our Expertise.

Quality Control

Quality control is a very diverse area.

In principle, every company that produces components or operates, monitors, or repairs machines practices some form of quality control.

The inspection of high quality products requires an absolutely reliable system that delivers informative images and results. Therefore, our product range is as versatile as the application areas. In all sectors, quality control is critical for staying competitive. KARL STORZ enables you to check your high quality products with high quality endoscopes, either during or after production. Images of outstanding quality minimize time expenditures and render disassembly or destruction unnecessary (non-destructive testing).

We will be happy to create a customized set for you that is optimally tailored to your products.

Power engineering and power plants

Nowadays, energy is generated in many different ways. KARL STORZ Industrial Group offers endoscopic systems for checking the functionality of any of the available technologies.

Wind power:
Wind energy is generated on land and in the water. Our videoscope systems are therefore available for use in onshore wind parks or as a portable, battery operated version for use in offshore wind power stations.
Special interchangeable lenses enable a thorough inspection of gears and bearings. In combination with the compact TECHNO PACK® documentation family, the user receives excellent and informative images, videos, and measurement results.

Coal power plants, cogeneration plants, nuclear power plants:
To prevent extended down times of power plants, defects at gas turbines, containers, pipes, fittings, etc., can be easily and successfully identified at little expense.
Our flexible systems reach the most remote areas of the installations as well as channels and deliver the desired information in top quality.
Quality assurance in energy production is a key aspect in all applications, and it is ensured by fast, reliable, and easy handling of our endoscopes as well as high quality, informative images. Many international customers therefore rely on our products.

Transport and automotive technology

For decades, automotive engineering has benefitted from the extraordinary image quality and product range of the KARL STORZ Industrial Group. In development, production, maintenance, quality assurance, and repairs, leading automobile manufacturers and auto shops rely on our endoscopes.

Rigid borescopes, flexoscopes including videoscopes are an indespensible way to visually inspect these components avoiding costly dismantle. Real-time inspections can be visualized remotely on a digital display with videos and still Images  easily documented and recorded.


Again, the application areas of our high quality endoscopes are as diverse as our product range.

For instance, our systems are used by the German Armed Forces for the maintenance of airplanes and helicopters, by the police, in counter-terrorism operations, by customs in the search for illegal and hazardous substances, and in the inspection of tanks, ventilation shafts, and vehicle bodies.

The use of our endoscopes reduces the risks for personnel and contributes to increased safety.

Pipelines, chemistry, and plant engineering

Ducts, pipes, or complex plants are hard to reach or greatly complicate work.

In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, the thorough inspection of pipes and pipelines is essential in production and maintenance. Our systems provide easy, quick, and efficient solutions. Inspection with our endoscopes enables the detection of residues, faulty weld seams, deposits, tears, corrosion, etc.

Building and construction industry

The construction industry is faced with increasing challenges and safety requirements that can be optimally handled using KARL STORZ industrial endoscopes.

They facilitate detecting, at an early time, any biological damage, chemical damage, or damage that is of a material-specific nature or resulting from faulty construction. Our compact and user-friendly documentation systems TECHNO PACK® also enable long-term documentation and continuous status monitoring. The generated high quality images are also very important in expert reports.

Research, development, and customized solutions

Do you need a custom solution for a special application? Contact us. As endoscopy experts, we continuously develop new application areas and enjoy facing new challenges.

Thanks to our research and years of experience, our endoscopes withstand extremely high temperatures, high pressure, and various solvents. We are happy to support you and find solutions for your needs.