Video Mediastinoscopy – Future-Oriented CMOS Technology in HD

The compact HD video mediastinoscope is based on the CMOS chip-on-the-tip sensor technology and features an LED light source which is integrated in the handle. It is lightweight, balanced, and fully autoclavable.

It can be operated with the current KARL STORZ IMAGE1 S™ camera platform and the CONNECT and X-LINK modules.

Special features:

  • Compact handle with integrated LED light source
  • Keyboard with haptic feedback for camera menu control
  • CMOS chip-on-the-tip sensor technology in the blade
  • Blade with uninterrupted right lateral slit
  • Plug & play – one cable outlet with plug connection to the X-LINK module
  • No white balance necessary

Silver Is the New Black

LIVE – LED Integrated Video Endoscopes

The new LIVE video bronchoscopes feature excellent image quality, natural color rendering, and homogeneous illumination. A special feature is the LED light source integrated in the handle. State-of-the-art technology is combined with the economy of LEDs. No separate light source is necessary.

  • Treatment and diagnosis in HD
  • Available in two sizes: LIVE 6.5 and LIVE 5.5
  • Compatible with IMAGE1 S™ and TELE PACK +
  • Enhanced visualization with S-Technologies

CleverCurve – Sophisticated Design

Sliding sheath instruments for thoracic surgery

In the video-assisted technique, instruments are needed to replace manual palpation in open surgery because tumors and other pathologies are not always easy to identify visually. If the object in question is located deep in the tissue, for instance, palpation is critical. Hence, in VATS, appropriately designed instruments must be used to compensate for the advantages of open surgery.

For this purpose, we have added the new CLEVERCURVE line to our portfolio. These instruments are designed using sliding sheath technology, which features a passive, stationary element as well as an active, movable element. The resulting direct force transmission from the handle to the jaw achieves good tactile feedback.

Altogether, the line consists of seven instruments with various jaw types, some featuring a surgical ratchet.

Bronchoscopy Instruments for Children

A practical set classification for the clinical routine

KARL STORZ offers instruments for pediatric bronchoscopy that are customized to the anatomy of children. This includes bronchoscopes in various sizes and lengths as well as optical forceps and accessories. To optimally structure our comprehensive product range for the benefit of our customers, we offer a total of three sets for foreign body removal in children. They are organized by age and corresponding tracheal diameter. Each set includes the appropriate bronchoscope sizes with a compatible telescope, optical forceps, and accessories. The instrument sets therefore offer everything needed for foreign body removal. 


  • Set 1: Age group 0-6 months
  • Set 2: Age group 6 months – 6 years
  • Set 3: Age group 6-14 years 

Optical Forceps for Rigid Bronchoscopy

The KARL STORZ product range offers a large selection of rigid bronchoscopes with matching instruments. This includes optical forceps. Six model series in various lengths and sizes cover a wide variety of applications. With our new, patented sheath design and the modified handle with force limitation, KARL STORZ now offers an even more attractive product. 

Special Features:

  • Simplified cleaning due to new, patented design
  • Improved tactile feedback when grasping soft foreign bodies
  • Force limitation to protect from jaw fracture

Fluorescence Imaging in Thoracic Surgery

OPAL1® technology for NIR/ICG with the IMAGE1 S™ camera platform

For imaging with the fluorescent dye indocyanine green (ICG)*, KARL STORZ offers brilliant FULL HD imaging of the vascular and lymphatic systems for thoracic surgery. The NIR/ICG system offers additional visualization options, especially for anatomical segment resection.

  • 5 and 10 mm telescopes with 0° and 30° directions of view available
  • Xenon-based technology (no laser safety measures necessary)
  • Switching between the white light and ICG modes possible at any time
  • Optimal illumination and contrast enhancement
  • Multidisciplinary applications, e.g., thoracic surgery, general and visceral surgery, gynecology, urology as well as reconstructive surgery


*Please verify that the fluorescent dye indocyanine green is approved for the respective indication in your country.

Instruments for Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery

KARL STORZ offers instruments for Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) that meet the requirements of both hygiene and economic efficiency. All VATS instruments can be disassembled into two or three parts and can therefore be individually combined with various handles. The instruments and jaws have been specifically adapted to the anatomy of the thorax, offering the operating surgeons the best prerequisites for VATS procedures.
The portfolio is expanded to include reusable trocars with flexible cannulas as well as the proven KARL STORZ HOPKINS® telescopes.

Product Overview:

  • HOPKINS® telescopes with various lengths and diameters
  • Flexible and rigid trocars in 6 and 11 mm
  • CLICKLINE instruments with or without connector pins for unipolar coagulation
  • ROBI® forceps and scissors for bipolar coagulation

EndoCAMeleon® Telescope with Variable Direction of View

The EndoCAMeleon® HOPKINS® telescope with rod lens system and a rigid 10 mm sheath offers a variable direction of view. This allows optimal adjustment of the viewing direction to any OR situation.

Special Features:

  • Variable direction of view 0° – 90°
  • Enhanced illumination
  • Easy-to-use adjustment knob for selecting the direction of view, now with fin
  • Combines the convenient handling of the proven HOPKINS® telescope with the advantages and potential of a telescope offering various directions of view
  • Particularly suitable for use in anatomically narrow working spaces

IMAGE1 S™ 4U – mORe than a camera

The IMAGE1 S™ 4U camera system allows the operating surgeon to make optimal use of the benefits offered by 4K technology. A notable feature is the image quality: High image brightness, impressive colors, greater richness of detail and a significantly improved depth effect characterize this system. Thanks to the system’s modularity, 4U components can be easily integrated into the existing IMAGE1 S™ camera platform. Consequently, the system is still compatible with existing technologies (e.g., rigid, flexible, fluorescence and 3D endoscopy) and can be adapted to meet individual customer needs.

  • IMAGE1 S™ 4U impresses with outstanding, razor-sharp images
    • Excellent image brightness
    • First-rate color rendition
    • Greater richness of detail
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for tissue differentiation:
    • CLARA: Homogeneous illumination
    • CHROMA: Contrast enhancement
    • SPECTRA*: Spectral color shift and switch
  • Easy integration into the IMAGE1 S™ camera platform


* not for sale in the U.S.