Spine Surgery


Multifunctional High-Speed Motor System for all Indications in Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • The ergonomic DRILLCUT-X® II spine handpiece enables precise and powerful ablation of bone material during percutaneous full endoscopic surgery
  • High-speed handpieces feature a quiet drilling performance, even at speeds up to 100,000 rpm
  • Particularly long, malleable high-speed handpieces can be used for specific surgical techniques (e.g. tubular dilation systems)
  • The motor control unit features intuitive touch screen control and supports handpiece changeover via automatic motor recognition


System Optimized for Approaches to Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression

Special Features:

  • One system – three sets optimized for standard approaches: Transforaminal, interlaminar and posterolateral
  • Brilliant image quality ensures clear visibility during surgery
  • Reusable bipolar electrodes and burrs for effective bone and tissue resection
  • Unique and color-coded instruments for safe and controlled application

EasyGO!® II. Generation

Tubular System for Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • A wide range of applications for treating degenerative spine diseases at the lumbar and cervical levels
  • The second, completely reworked generation provides significantly more working space and application possibilities
  • Specially adapted telescopes and the high-resolution KARL STORZ FULL HD technology enable clear and distinct differentiation of anatomic structures
  • Sequential dilation and the use of smaller trocar sizes can reduce muscle trauma and skin incision length
  • Specially developed malleable drill handpieces for use with all trocar lengths

Instruments for Thoracic Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • Specially developed instruments with ergonomic handles
  • High-resolution KARL STORZ FULL HD technology enables clear and distinct differentiation of anatomic structures
  • Less invasiveness due to 3 to 4 trocar ports instead of a large abdominal incision
  • À-la-carte concept for efficient compilation of customized instrument set

VITOM® II Spine 90°

Unique System for Open Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • 90° arrangement of VITOM® II for greater flexibility in a wide range of applications
  • Great depth of field, optimal magnification and excellent color rendition
  • Integrated illuminator provides considerably more light
  • Ergonomic work in a correct posture with a clear view of the monitor
  • Combined application with spine retractors, retractors and tubular trocars such as the EASYGO!® II generation possible