KARL STORZ awarded IHK training certificate

08/02/2006 | La empresa

From left: IHK director Thomas Albiez, IHK president Dieter Teufel, Sybill Storz and Karl-Christian Storz

The number of traineeships offered by the company rose by an impressive 25% over the last five years. At present, training is offered in 12 commercial and industrial vocations. "We would like to turn the spotlight on these companies", stated IHK President, Dieter Teufel. The certificate is awarded to companies that are committed to providing traineeships even when economic conditions are difficult, and thereby display a high level of social responsibility. "The cost and commitment which training entails for companies should not be underestimated", Mr Teufel added. The certificate was born out of the criteria set by the "Bündnis für Ausbildung", the partnership between government, chamber of commerce (IHK), trade unions and employers' associations to create training places.

Sybill Storz commented, "It is particularly pleasing to receive an award for something which, as a family-owned company, has always been a natural part of our policy. Up to now not a single training place has remained vacant, but today the minimum requirements for vocational training are often lacking."

You should also read the article in the "Schwäbische Zeitung" newspaper of February 8, 2006.