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UNIDRIVE® SELECT – Power Anywhere

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Power Anywhere®

The UNIDRIVE® SELECT is a multidisciplinary motor system with a modular concept that allows configuration according to customer requirements thanks to software licenses. This technology opens up a wide range of customizable possibilities and synergy effects in cross-speciality integration. In combination with the ENDOMAT® SELECT (UP220) irrigation pump, which communicates via the new KS HIVE® standard, the newest generation of pump technology is seamlessly integrated. 

According to the motto “Power Anywhere”, the UNIDRIVE® SELECT motors and handpieces are driven with exactly the parameters required for the respective function and indication.. 

  • Configuration according to individual requirements at any time thanks to software modules
  • Modern unit design with glass front and touch screen
  • Broad motor and handpiece portfolio 
  • Compatibility with existing DRILLCUT-X® II handpieces

ENDOMAT® SELECT – The Choice is Yours

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ENDOMAT® SELECT is an interdisciplinary roller pump for the irrigation or suction of fluids during surgical and diagnostic procedures. Depending on customer preferences, the pump can be equipped with various software packages so that it can be used for either individual or multiple disciplines.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-efficient pump as modular design supports basic functionality across various fields of application
  • Easy handling thanks to tubing set for single hand control
  • Safe use thanks to tubing set recognition
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Software allows fields of application to be expanded at any time


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Insufflation with gas heater

  • Gas flow up to 50 l/min in combination with KARL STORZ HICAP® trocars
  • Gas heating to body temperature
  • With two insufflation modes for high flow and pediatric applications
  • Pediatrics mode: small adjustment increments in the lower output range as well as safety limits for pressure and flow
  • Used in transanal treatment and endoscopic vessel harvesting
  • Compatible with S-PILOT® – the solution for your surgical smoke management

S-PILOT® – modular smoke evacuation system

As an early pioneer in laparoscopy, KARL STORZ has consistently worked to advance the state of the art. A great example is the S-PILOT® modular smoke evacuation management system, with in-line filtration and options for both active and passive applications. Recent guidance from SAGES and EAES recommends “For MIS procedures, use of devices to filter released CO2 for aerosolized particles should be strongly considered”.
While KARL STORZ has not specifically tested the use of KARL STORZ smoke evacuation devices and SARS-CoV-2, there are data on KARL STORZ filters and its effectiveness against other bacteria and viruses.    
The filter efficiency of KARL STORZ filters was tested using the most common test methods with microorganisms known as “Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE)” and “Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)”. These types of tests are considered to be the most similar to clinical scenarios. A test aerosol with a mean particle size of 3 +/- 0.3 µm and a virus bacteriophage ɸX174 of 0.027 µm (at VFE) or bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (at BFE) were used. Test results confirmed a filter efficiency of more than 99.9999 %.1,2
The Most Penetrating Particle Size is typically in a range of 0.1-0.3 µm. These particles are the most difficult to trap by the filter. The test aerosol DEHS (= Di-2-Ethylhexyl-Sebacat) with a size of 0.3 µm was therefore used for non-microbiological tests. A filter efficiency of more than 99.9994 % was achieved.3

Contact your local KARL STORZ representative for a solution that meets your individual needs or for more details regarding the smoke evacuation portfolio available.
The S-PILOT® with in-line filtration is part of the extensive array of KARL STORZ products designed in consultation with active laparoscopic surgeons. The complete repertoire covers the full range of diagnostic and surgical laparoscopic procedures for adult and pediatric patients. 

1 Nelson Laboratories Inc., Salt Lake City, USA: “Virus Filtration Efficiency Test (VFE) at an Increased Challenge Level” Lab. No. 846021-S01, 07 Dec. 2015 (internal reference: SAP ID 300000338072).

2 Nelson Laboratories Inc., Salt Lake City, USA: “Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test (BFE) at an Increased Challenge Level” Lab. No. 846022-S01, 02 Dec. 2015 (internal reference: SAP ID 300000338073).

3 GVS Filter Technology UK, Lancashire LA3 3EN, UK: Activity Report REP: 0698/16, 21. January 2016 (internal reference: SAP ID 300000351254).

CALCULASE® III – The End of the Stone Age

35 W holmium laser for lithotripsy and tissue treatment

The 35 Watt desktop laser CALCULASE® III from KARL STORZ offers the user an enhanced performance and optimal user comfort with an excellent price-performance ratio*.

  • Performance up to 35 Watts
  • Enhanced energy spectrum from 0.2-4 Joules*
  • Higher frequency from 4-30 Hertz*
  • Burst pulse mode (for reducing the repulsion of stone fragments)
  • RFID fiber identification
  • 10" touch screen

* Comparison with previous model


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Innovative, Intelligent, Intuitive

With the third generation of the AUTOCON® family, KARL STORZ brings high frequency surgery to a new level. The high-end generator AUTOCON® III 400 is designed for use with both bipolar and unipolar instruments. Thanks to the special mode optimized for bipolar ROBI® and resection instruments from KARL STORZ, the power output is harmonized with instrument properties and tissue applications for optimal performance.
Benefits at a glance:

  • Good hygiene conditions thanks to smooth touch screen surfaces
  • User comfort thanks to high-resolution touch display
  • Interdisciplinary use with individually adjustable procedures
  • Particularly suitable for bipolar techniques
  • Can be combined with S-PILOT® to control smoke evacuation

ARTip® solo – Your Assistance in Surgery

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ARTip® SOLO – Your Assistance in Surgery

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  • Image quality stabilization of 3D/2D and 4K systems. Perfect in combination with the Rubina® product family
  • Stable and tremor-free surgical field of view, even in extreme endoscope positions
  • Precise control by the surgeon via a joystick
  • Avoidance of unergonomic positions thanks to manual camera guidance
  • Less frequent cleaning of the endoscope
  • Voice control optional
  • Autonomous image positioning: No misunderstandings between the surgeon and assistants