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IMAGE1 S™ Rubina™

The diamond standard for NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging


ONE modular video system for multi-specialty use

Hand Instruments

Optimize your surgical experience with KARL STORZ instruments


Minimally invasive treatment methods


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Compact endoscopy

IMAGE1 S™ Rubina™ – mORe to discover

Illuminating the paths of surgery with fluorescence guided surgery

The new IMAGE1 S™ RUBINA™ imaging technology from KARL STORZ combines 3D and 4K technology with NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging to support surgeons’ work by supplying high quality information.

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IMAGE1 S™ Rubina™ – mORe to discover
IMAGE1 S™ Rubina™ – mORe to discover

The diamond standard for NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging

KARL STORZ counts on the diamond standard in imaging and therefore stands for high quality in the white light mode and, with RUBINA™, in the near infrared range. The name of the imaging technology IMAGE1 S™ RUBINA™, is derived from the ruby precious stone.

HOPKINS® Rubina™ NIR/ICG Telescopes

The new RUBINA™ NIR/ICG telescopes with the HOPKINS® rod lens system provides very good image quality. Optimized focus of the tissue to be viewed and the illumination of the operative field are the main features of these telescopes. The HOPKINS® RUBINA™ NIR/ICG telescopes were specially designed for use with the new IMAGE1 S™ 4U RUBINA™ camera system. The telescopes form the basis for a high-quality 4K imaging technology which enables fluorescence imaging in the near infrared range via indocyanine green (ICG).

  • Optimized illumination of the operative field
  • No refocusing required when switching between the white light and NIR modes
  • Selection of different viewing angles, i.e. 0°, 30° and 45°
  • Available in diameters 5 mm and 10 mm

IMAGE1 S™ 4U Rubina™

Combining the new imaging technologies all in one device?

There is a growing interest in 3D technology with its spatial visualization of the surgical site; in 4K technology which provides increased resolution and a wider color space; and fluorescence diagnostics with NIR/ICG offering imaging possibilities for, e.g., the bile ducts or perfusion.

IMAGE1 S™ 4K Rubina™ Camera Head

The IMAGE1 S™ 4K RUBINA™ Camera Head gives you the possibility to combine two advanced imaging technologies and therefore benefit from the advantages of both technologies: 4K and NIR/ICG.

The KARL STORZ NIR/ICG imaging chain features three new visualization possibilities: Overlay, Monochromatic and Intensity Map to provide the user with additional information.

TIPCAM®1 Rubina™

3D in 4K image quality

The new TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ features two 4K sensors that are integrated into the distal end of the videoendoscope. TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ can still be used as a 2D or 3D videoendoscope. Image processing takes place in the IMAGE1 S™ camera system.

Moreover the TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ is future ready for the integration of NIR/ICG imaging technology.

Automatic horizon control

In order to offer the user a stable image horizon, the new TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ is equipped with an automatic horizon control function in both the 2D and 3D modes. This function offers the user better orientation and handling and is called “autorotation” if TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ is used in the 2D mode and “autoswitch” if used in the 3D mode.

Power LED Rubina™ Light Source (TL400)

The Power LED RUBINA™ light source uses a natural color spectrum with automatic control and is optimized for use in various applications, including NIR/ICG application. At 30,000 hours, the service life of the Power LED 400 is approximately 60 times longer than comparable Xenon light sources.

  • Laser-free LED light source for white light and NIR/ICG
  • Excitation of ICG and autofluorescence in the near infrared range
  • Durability and constant light intensity
  • Control via touch display and footswitch

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ONE modular video system for multi-specialty use

In the operating room, positive clinical outcomes, versatility of equipment, and management of asset cost is essential. IMAGE1 S™ offers the power of ONE modular video system that delivers a pristine image for multispecialty use.

We offer HD, 4K, 3D, flexible videoscope compatibility, and ICG fluorescence as well as airway management with one system from one supplier!

IMAGE1 S™ – The Value of 1
IMAGE1 S™ – The Value of 1

SILVER SCOPE® Flexible Rectoscope acc. to TROIDL

The ability to have access to equipment where you need it, when you need it is crucial while assessing surgeries involving the GI anatomy. IMAGE1 S™ provides the power of ONE modular video system offering compatibility with the KARL STORZ Flexible Silver Scopes®. Confidence in a secure anastomosis can be achieved intra-operatively by providing simultaneous laparoscopic and endoscopic images displayed in real-time in Picture-in-Picture format on one monitor.

CO2mbi® LED Cold Light Fountain

  • Two-in-one solution combines an LED light source and air/CO2 insufflator in one unit
  • Long LED module service life provides significant cost reductions
  • Light intensity adjustable manually or automatically (depending on the distance to mucosa)
  • Optimal light yield with high-efficiency LED
  • CO2 insufflation for greater patient comfort
  • Choice of three insufflation modes: 100% CO2 mode, regular room air, air/CO2 mode
  • Integrated pump with two power levels for rapid insufflation
  • Display with interactive icons
  • Touch screen can also be controlled with wet gloves

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Hand Instruments

Optimize your surgical experience with KARL STORZ instruments


Precision in vision and in your hands – with the KARL STORZ IMAGE1 S™ and the CLICKline instruments you can reach this goal. The instrument series convinces by its characteristics:

  • Modular design: 3-part dismantling instruments for high hygiene requirements and variability
  • Diverse combinations possibilities thanks to a wide range of jaws with various outer sheaths and CLICKline handles

CLICKline Single Use Scissors

The new single-use scissors inserts 34310MA-D and 34310MS-D can be combined with all reusable handles in the KARL STORZ CLICKline series, providing a practical solution for regular use or as a backup system.

  • Inserts sterile-packed in individual blister packs and delivered in packages of 10 in a dispenser box
  • Proven scissor blade designs
  • Color coding allows clear identification of the single-use components

Needle Holder with Righting Function

We have expanded our portfolio to include a new needle holder with a needle righting function. The needle, which is clamped flat in the needle holder, can be raised at the site by means of the rotary wheel.

  • Righting function for the clamped needle by turning the rotary wheel
  • Axial handle design
  • The smooth-running, precisely settable ratchet allows secure positioning of the needle

Retractors for Colorectal Surgery

Advanced laparoscopic surgery and particularly laparoscopic rectal surgery are technically extremely challenging.

One of the key requirements for successfully performing these procedures while respecting oncological principles is optimal exposure and, consequently, good visualization of the surgical site.

  • Useful for the visualization of different structures in case of difficult anatomies (particularly obese male patients)
  • Different retractor shapes for various anatomic conditions
  • Stable design
  • Easy to use thanks to rotating wheel for deflection

Transanal Surgery

TEO® Platform with Flexible Working Attachment and High-Flow Adaptor – B-PORT

TEO® (Transanal Endoscopic Operations) combines the minimal invasiveness of an intervention via a natural orifice (NOTES) with the precision of resection under visual control. In cooperation with Prof. Luigi Boni, Milan, Italy, it was possible to optimize the TEO® platform for TaTME (Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision).

  • Flexible working attachment
  • Instruments up to size 15 mm can be used
  • High-flow insufflation adaptor
  • Straight distal end
  • Suitable for TaTME

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Video assisted anal fistula treatment and endoscopic pilonidal sinus treatment: Minimally invasive treatment methods

The fistuloscope is suited for the treatment of both, the pilonidal sinus or anal fistulas.

The treatment itself proceeds in two phases: In the first – diagnostic-phase, the cavities/tracts are inspected and in case of VAAFT the inner opening is located.

The goal of the second – therapeutic-phase is the complete destruction/ablation of the cavity. Both phases are performed under direct endoscopic control.

To learn more about the scientific evidence please have a look at the following papers.

VAAFT – Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment
VAAFT – Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment
E.P.Si.T. – Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment
E.P.Si.T. – Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

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A famous proverb says that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In imaging, many components are responsible for a good image. In addition to the more obvious components that influence the imaging chain (telescope, camera head, image processor, monitor), peripheral units also make a significant contribution to the viewing and user experience. In order to achieve the goal of the best possible visualization, technologies and solutions must also be considered here.

S-PILOT™ Smoke Evacuation
S-PILOT™ Smoke Evacuation


Optimize endoscopic views: our ENDOFLATOR® 50 high-performance insufflator combines optimal convenience for users and an emphasis on enhancing patient outcomes. With 50 l/min flow, patient-specific modes, and optional CO2 heating, the ENDOFLATOR® 50 is an essential piece of the IMAGE1 S™ imaging chain.

Soon more specific modes for transanal surgery will be available via an update for ENDOFLATOR® 50.


Patient and staff safety is always paramount given the unpleasant odors and toxic smoke that can be in the OR. Through effective surgical smoke management, the S-PILOT® system provides excellent visibility and helps to extract toxic smoke. Don’t wait for the smoke to settle, and help your OR staff breathe easy. S-PILOT® with IMAGE1 S™ is your solution for a smoke-free OR.

ARTip® Base – Simply stable

The universal holding system

Ergonomics and efficiency are gaining increasing significance in the daily OR routine. As a result, assistance systems such as holding arms are becoming more and more important.

The ARTip® Base holding arm can be used with only one hand and thus facilitates the flexible positioning of KARL STORZ endoscopes, the VITOM® system and instruments for open, microsurgical and minimally invasive procedures. Thanks to its modular design, the ARTip® Base can be modified to meet the specific needs of various procedures. The holding system is battery-operated and can be easily installed and used on every standard OR table thanks to its slender design. ARTip® Base also offers the user ergonomic benefits as the holding arm provides great freedom of movement.

  • Suitable for interdisciplinary use – thanks to the KSLOCK interface
  • Easy setup on all standard OR tables
  • Single-hand positioning possible

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Compact endoscopy

Your patients require diagnosis, treatment, and care at multiple locations across your enterprise. Having different visualization and communication technologies across locations increases cost, creates inefficiencies, and complicates communication. The TELE PACK+ is a compact all-in-one video system that combines the essential components necessary for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, plus image capture and networkability for system-wide patient care.

TELE PACK+ Compact Endoscopy
TELE PACK+ Compact Endoscopy

Compatibility with Camera Heads for Telescopes

TELE PACK+ Compact Endoscopy enables multi-specialty compatibility with the newest HD/Full HD cameras that KARL STORZ has to offer. Thus enabling clinicians to use rigid endoscopes in high quality with an all-in-one device.

Compatibility with Flexible Endoscopes

The versatile TELE PACK+ accepts additionally a wide range of the KARL STORZ reusable HD flexible videoscopes and also the single-use videoscopes. This allows the user to take advantage of the new TELE PACK+ in many different possible set-ups.

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