Item no: UR300



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VERSACRANE™ LIGHT Holding System –
For the convenient positioning of VITOM® systems

The VERSACRANE™ LIGHT is a versatile holding system that has been specially developed for use with VITOM® systems for open, microsurgical and minimally invasive surgery.

  • Straightforward and precise positioning of the VITOM®
  • Ready for immediate use - the VERSACRANE™ LIGHT is mounted on a rolling stand so that it can quickly transported the operating room and brought into position
  • Individual adjustment – the holding arm compensates for the weight of the VITOM® thanks to its gas spring-supported crossbeam The braking force of each joint can be adjusted individually
  • Easy to handle – the VERSACRANE™ LIGHT can be used with one hand
  • With VITOM® 2D and 3D suitable for interdisciplinary use
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Holding arm typemobile holding arm
Weight compensationyes
Function principlemechanical