KARL STORZ OR1™ NEO – A truly integrated operating theatre

03/09/2012 | Our company

Integration is now the key word in operating theatre design, especially where MAS (Minimal Access Surgery) is concerned. Despite what some companies may claim, an MAS (Minimal Access Surgery) operating theatre cannot be called “integrated” if it does not fully integrate with the endoscopic equipment. The OR1™ NEO from KARL STORZ is truly integrated - the latest version of its operating theatre and by far the most advanced, it is packed full of innovation and integrated services for endoscopic surgery.

MAS, or Endoscopic Surgery, is increasingly the preferred surgical method: the advantages of this type of surgery include a reduction in tissue trauma, leading to less postoperative pain, faster recovery, and improved cosmetic result. Improvements in technique and the collaborative development of endoscopic instruments delivers patient outcomes that are as good, if not better, than the open procedure alternative, and MAS is now in increasing demand from both surgeons and patients.

As a result of this, there is a rapidly growing trend in requiring all new theatres to have some, if not dedicated, endoscopic capability. Therefore, designing a modern integrated theatre without endoscopic capability would seem short-sighted, as it should be imperative to ensure that the endoscopic equipment is part of the system, controlled by a common sterile interface for operating lights, table positioning, pumps, shavers, insufflators and electrosurgical equipment. The OR1™ NEO takes integration, and therefore surgery, to a new level.

Where MAS is concerned, the image is also crucial. All endoscopic surgeons demand the best camera and the best screens, and it is vital that these are provided as matched pairs where the precise performance parameters of the camera are “built-in” to the BIOS of the LCD monitors, optimising colour reproduction and geometrical scaling.

Due to the sophisticated nature of endoscopic equipment, only the manufacturers of such equipment can actually offer complete control of all devices within the operating theatre, and the OR1™ NEO from KARL STORZ stands out as the best in class with a market share in excess of 50% within the UK.
The OR1™ NEO has been installed in some of the country’s leading hospitals, such as the Chelsea and Westminster and St Mary’s, Paddington. Surgeons choose the OR1™ NEO because it combines streamlined, sleek, aesthetic perfection with safety, practicality and unparalleled functionality, creating an environment where surgery of the highest standard can be carried out.