KARL STORZ launches the AUTOCON® II 400 ESU and new Bipolar Resectoscope

01/06/2007 | Our company

CULVER CITY, CA (May 23, 2007) — KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., a world leader in endoscopic technology and instrumentation, announces the launch of an advanced Bipolar Resectoscope and its AUTOCON® II 400 ESU. The revolutionary design of the Bipolar Resectoscope will provide advantages in urology applications and will be compatible with existing Karl Storz telescopes and sheaths. The innovative AUTOCON® II 400 Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) will offer surgeons a single unit capable of powering both bipolar and monopolar instruments while offering automatic output regulation and optimal hemostasis.

The AUTOCON® II 400 ESU is equipped for both bipolar and monopolar output, which enables surgeons to perform transurethral resection (TUR) in either mode. “This is truly one ESU that does it all,” says Howard Klymas, KARL STORZ Group Marketing Manager, Urology. “The ability of the AUTOCON to furnish both bipolar or monopolar modes in one ESU fortifies our customers’ clinical armamentarium.”

The AUTOCON® II 400 ESU offers a specially designed bipolar C-Cut output mode that permits transurethral resection procedures in saline solution. Saline solution is physiologically compatible and reduces the likelihood of TUR syndrome during TURP, and bipolar operation reduces obturator nerve stimulation during bladder tumor resection procedures. “Furthermore,” says Klymas, “the bipolar energy path is both shallow and consistent, resulting in minimal thermal damage and reduced complications and healing time”.

The system is designed to simplify operation of the unit and to accommodate upgrades to functionality as they become available. “This means the unit remains future compatible,” Klymas adds. “The AUTOCON® II 400 ESU provides a sound economical solution for today’s surgeons while supporting the needs and capabilities of tomorrow.”

The technology demonstrated by the new Bipolar Resectoscope is based on the company’s many years of experience in developing monopolar resectoscopes and bipolar instrumentation. The device uses the same principles as monopolar units, but is equipped with an active electrode, as well as a path for the current to return to the generator without requiring a neutral electrode/patient return pad. Offering a unique bipolar loop design, handling of the device is identical to that of KARL STORZ monopolar resectoscopes. “In our new Bipolar Resectoscope, the current flow path has been redesigned to be isolated laterally and confined to only the smallest space,” says Klymas. “For urologists, this means the energy at the tip of the resection loop is precisely controlled and results in a reduction of unintended tissue damage and other important benefits when combined with the AUTOCON® II 400 ESU.”