We have a world champion!

14/09/2010 | Our company

Thomas Litscher has won two titles in the Mountain Bike World Championship in Mont Saint Anne, Canada.

He was the starting rider of the Swiss team in the cross-country relay, and his team won the World Cup championship ahead of the German and Czech relay teams.

In the individual U23 Men cross-country race, Thomas Litscher finished second to become Vice Champion.On September 03, 2010, 2pm Eastern Time, he started the race wearing number 6. He was able to join the head of the race early on and finished in a well-deserved 2nd place.

At KARL STORZ, we are thrilled, and we congratulate Thomas Litscher to his outstanding success this season that has now culminated in a Vice World Champion and a World Champion title.

"We congratulate Thomas Litscher on his well-deserved victory at the Mont Saint Anne World Championship. He has truly earned the individual and relay race titles with strong performance throughout the entire season."

KARL STORZ is proud to support this young athlete.