KARL STORZ and Toul Meditech Sign Distribution Agreement

27/04/2011 | Our company

KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG, an internationally renowned German company and world leader in endoscopy as well as integrated OR-systems, has signed a distributor agreement with Toul Meditech AB, a Swedish company dedicated to the prevention of post operative and surgical site infections.
The products from Toul Meditech provide a directed laminar flow of ultraclean and particle free air over critical zones, such as wound area and instrument tables. Designed to meet the highest clinical demands and representing a unique, modern, user friendly and flexible solution.

The KARL STORZ integrated OR-system; called OR1 offers a modular and hospital-specific OR concept that leaves nothing to be desired. OR1 combines high-performance surgical and video technologies, as well as data and image management. Touch screen panels provide a realistic user interface that gives the OR team complete command of system settings and functions.

KARL STORZ is convinced that the products of Toul Meditech provide important functionality to surgeons and above all more safety to patients. Following the goal of providing a comprehensive and integrated OR-system KARL STORZ has decided to integrate Toul Meditech's products into the OR1™ concept and therefore exclusively distribute these products in many countries.

Together the technology and knowledge of both companies will help lowering the risk of airborne contamination and post operative infections that yearly cause unnecessary suffering for hundreds of thousands of patients and is responsible for unforeseen increases in the cost of healthcare.

Toul Meditech (Västerås) has since 2003 successfully developed and marketed its patented and medical technology classified mobile systems for ultraclean laminar airflow. The airflow is distributed directed over the wound area and/or sterile instruments. The airflow constitutes a barrier which reduces the occurrence of bacteria carrying particles and by that the risk for post-op infections is reduced.