Digitized processes within the OR and beyond


SCENARA® and BuddyCare

SCENARA® connects processes that come into play before, during and after a surgery. As a result, information can be retrieved centrally and at any time. Image and video sequences captured during surgery can be easily edited, stored and accessed, facilitating the preparation and debriefing of surgeries with patients or colleagues. Audio and video streaming of live surgeries allows experts to be quickly consulted and students and medical staff to be trained during surgery. A real-time updating overview shows the status of all activities in and around the operating room. 

Buddy Healthcare, cooperation partner of KARL STORZ, provides the BuddyCare platform which focuses on processes before and after the patient is hospitalized. The platform consists of a mobile app for patients and a web-based dashboard for hospitals and clinics.


SCENARA® Pathway Management provides an optimal overview of activities in and around the operating room and consists of SCENARA® .PROCEDURES, SCENARA® .TASKS, SCENARA® .DASHBOARD and SCENARA® .DOORSIGN.  

SCENARA® Collaboration Management enables straightforward audio and video communication and consists of SCENARA® .ROOM2ROOM and SCENARA® .LIVE.   

SCENARA® Content Management is used to manage, edit and save the content generated along the entire patient pathway. It includes SCENARA® .MEDIA, SCENARA® .PROCEDURES and SCENARA® .REPORTS.

Our modular apps


The BuddyCare platform supports healthcare professionals in automating and managing care pathways. The platform consists of a mobile app for patients and a web-based dashboard for hospitals and clinics. Patients are educated and guided through their entire care pathway by using the app. Using the dashboard, practitioners can monitor and manage patient progress, as well as collect and analyze important data.


supports the planning of procedures and a smooth workflow in the OR. Through an interface with the hospital information system, patient and order data can be synchronized at any time. Changes to the workflow can be easily and quickly made and are immediately visible in all applications.


allows automated, role-based task assignment via interfaces to HIS and OR documentation units. Using mobile end devices, the respective tasks can be executed in sequence along the entire patient pathway at the right time and in the right place.


offers an overview of the current status of all ORs which is continuously updated. This makes it possible to see at one glance what is happening in which OR and if there are possible delays or free capacities.

For an even better overview of the current status of all ORs, it is possible to use SCENARA® .DASHBOARD interactively on A special touch screen in a hospital corridor or at any other required location.


offers detailed and automatically updated information about the room and procedure status. It allows an overview of activities in the operating room without disrupting the OR workflow which is supported by an additional LED visualization of the OR status on the door sign. Furthermore, the easy-to-use touchscreen provides a view of the entire daily schedule of the OR.


allows convenient video and audio communication between the operating room and any location within the hospital, e.g., meeting rooms, offices or lecture halls. Transmission is reliable regardless of distance so that nothing stands in the way of location-indepentent cooperation.


facilitates coordination between two defined rooms via bidirectional audio and video transmission. Transplantation procedures running in parallel, for example, can be followed by all participants and feedback from other departments, e.g. pathology, can be forwarded in the OR without delay.


allows straightforward, intuitive processing and storage of endoscopic image and video data generated in the OR. The export function in various file formats such as PDF or PowerPoint provides support for the processing of a wide range of applications and is an optimal addition to OR documentation.


supports OR documentation through an efficient generation of standardized OR reports. Predefined protocols simplify orientation and ensure completeness of the data. Along the entire patient pathway, documented information and OR images can be entered manually or directly imported from SCENARA® .TASKS and SCENARA® .MEDIA , thus guaranteeing the best possible flexibility of use.