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Company Museum & Interactive Museum

KARL STORZ is currently designing a company museum that intends to show the general public the entire spectrum of endoscopic developments and inventions arising from over 70 years of the company’s history. In addition to numerous significant exhibits related to the history of medicine, the company museum will display the mutual influence and interaction between the company history and the history of modern technology. As this museum project demonstrates, KARL STORZ takes pride in the milestones the company has achieved so far, resulting in a wealth of experience that paves the way for future innovations.

The museum is complemented by an archive with medical literature, application videos, and additional product-related documentation.

By building an additional interactive science museum, KARL STORZ is clearly focused on the future of the company. To encourage innovations in medical technology in the coming years and decades, it is essential to spark enthusiasm for technology among the younger generation. This interactive museum aims to awaken curiosity in the visitor by offering the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments in order to playfully learn about the laws of science and their implementation in technology.

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