One System – one Concept – one Philosophy – OR1™ NEO

29/03/2010 | 当社について

As the next step in OR integration, the new OR1™ NEO system combines all functions in a newly designed user interface.

In the week from March 29 to April 1, the medical technology supplier KARL STORZ is unveiling OR1™ NEO to international guests at its Tuttlingen headquarters. For more than 10 years, OR1™ has stood for ergonomic workplace design and integration and safety in the OR. But what is OR1™ NEO?

“Medical technology must be absolutely reliable, given our products’ critical application area. In daily use, however, technical maturity must be accompanied by user friendliness for the product to be successful. The right product-user interface is essential,” reports the company’s Usability Team. That’s exactly where OR1™ NEO comes in.

Ease of operation is ensured from the very beginning by the 1:1 representation of the devices on the touch screen, which serves as a remote control for the entire OR. Since the OR team is usually already familiar with operating the devices, they do not have to get used to a new control. With OR1™ NEO, OR1™ has been reborn and now has a new look and feel. The new design of the user interface is even more intuitive thanks to the simple controls. The interface is optimized for touch control, and its colors are adapted to the lighting conditions in the OR. The consistent operating concept ensures not only short learning curves, user friendliness, safety, and rapid and precise control, but also user satisfaction.

OR1™ NEO was designed to meet users' needs. Elements such as their working and thought processes, their practical experiences, and assessments by experts in their fields were brought into the design process. “OR1™ NEO expands the user’s capabilities and protects against human error, with a focus on the safety of the patient and the OR team,” a company representative explains.

This focus is also reflected in the integration of the WHO (World Health Organization) “Surgical Safety Checklist”. Like pilots before takeoff, surgeons and their team refer to the checklist to identify the next steps to take.

The KARL STORZ OR1™ checklist supports the OR team in terms of safety and now also ensures efficient workflow management. Furthermore, the editable software can be adapted for various standard procedures.

Regarding the successful introduction of OR1™ NEO, KARL STORZ concludes: “We strive to help surgeons and nurses feel safe and concentrate in a calm environment. This calm mood is also noticed by the patients, and it increases their perceived and actual safety. And patients and their optimal treatment have always been a core focus of all KARL STORZ designs.”

OR1™ NEO will be exhibited at the following German and international conferences and trade fairs:

  • EAU, April 16-20, Barcelona
  • Deutscher Chirurgenkongress, DGCH [German Surgical Society], April 20-23, 2010, Berlin
  • Hospitalar, May 25-28, 2010, Sao Paolo
  • Hospital Build, June 01-03, 2010, Dubai
  • ESSKA, June 09-12, 2010, Oslo
  • EAES, June 16-19, 2010, Geneva
  • DGU, September 22-25, 2010, Düsseldorf
  • DGGG, October 04-08, 2010, Munich
  • 44. HNO Fortbildung [44th continued education event of the German ENT physician association], October 28-30, 2010, Mannheim

KARL STORZ (Tuttlingen) is a worldwide leading supplier of rigid endoscopes. With 5,300 employees and 42 subsidiaries worldwide, the family business KARL STORZ offers visionary design, precise workmanship, and clinical effectiveness. In the course of more than six decades, the company has continued to develop beyond classic endoscope manufacturing: With OR1™, it is now also a leader in integrated OR systems, and the company sets standards in telemedicine. With more than 3,000 OR1™ installations worldwide, KARL STORZ is a technological pioneer in this highly innovative, promising field.