3rd international KARL STORZ sports event

19/03/2006 | 当社について

Last weekend, the KARL STORZ company sports group held the 3rd International KARL STORZ Indoor Soccer Tournament and the 13th International KARL STORZ Volleyball Tournament at the Mühlau sports hall in Tuttlingen, with generous support from the company management.

As in previous years, both competitions attracted company and hobby teams from the KARL STORZ branches in the USA, France, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and from all over Germany. A total of over 20 teams participated in the indoor soccer competition, and more than 25 teams in the volleyball tournament. For the first time ever, there was even an international KARL STORZ team, which was formed on the Sunday.

The presentation ceremony and drawing of the main prizes. Our picture shows, in the first row, from left to right: Eva-Maria Schneider, Sybill Storz, Karl-Christian Storz and Nader Hassanzadeh.

The wide range of entertainments for KARL STORZ members of staff and their families on both days is an established tradition. There were all sorts of fun things going on to keep the youngest participants amused, from T-shirt painting and handicrafts through to a quiz, in which tickets for Germany's largest themepark, Europapark, were to be won.

On Saturday evening, the sports arena was transformed into a party hall with DJ and bar.

As our picture shows, there was not an empty seat to be seen throughout the entire KARL STORZ sports event.

The KARL STORZ photo studio staged a family photo shoot, which also featured a grand raffle with more than 300 great prizes for members of staff to win. The main prizes were four holidays in the USA, Paris, London and Stockholm respectively, plus a large-screen LCD television, and a high-quality mountain bike.

A total of 166 volunteers helped to stage a highly entertaining sports festival for their colleagues. The winner of the first prize in the prize draw for the helpers can look forward to a weekend in Italy.


The results of the tournaments:

Soccer, Saturday, March, 18th 2006:

1. TUT/Paris KARL STORZ Tuttlingen und Paris; 2. Moccacino’s KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 3. Schott Faseroptic Mainz; 4. Die alten Säcke Berlin, 5. Storz Widnau KARL STORZ Schweiz, 6. OR1 KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 7. Oldies KARL STORZ Tuttlingen, 8. Fischer von der Baar Durchhausen; 9. Fisba II Schweiz; 10. Scharfe Hüpfer KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 11. HDI Stuttgart; 12. Team G.B. KARL STORZ Groß Britannien

Volleyball, Sunday, March, 19th 2006:

Schott Feinoptik Mainz; 2. Netzspringer Tuttlingen; 3. Smash & Go Dauchingen; 4. Kolibris KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 5. Turtles Villingen Mönchweiler; 6. Suisseteam KARL STORZ Schweiz; 7. Magic Touch VS-Villingen; 8. FRENCH FROGS KARL STORZ Frankreich; 9. Die Berggeister Fa. Beak, Freiberg; 10. AESCULAP Tuttlingen; 11. Landratsamt Tuttlingen; 12. INTERNETZ KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 13. ERBE Tübingen; 14. SCOPES KARL STORZ USA; 15. Die Durchbeißer Mannheim; 16. HR-Blocker KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 17. Jumble KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 18. SANDERGEMER St. Georgen 19. Sto AG Eggingen; 20. Stöpler Niederlande; 21. Durchblick KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 22.TV 05 Fridingen-Blocker Fridingen; 23. Kunterbunt KARL STORZ International, 24. BA STARS KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 25. Die Moppels KARL STORZ Tuttlingen; 26. Team G.B. KARL STORZ Großbritannien

You should also read the article in the "Schwäbische Zeitung" newspaper of March 21 and 22, 2006.