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New KARL STORZ MULTIPOINT measuring videoscope features impressive minimal diameter and a "See & Measure" function

26/06/2015 |

4.4 mm MULTIPOINT videoscope for the industry
The new MULTIPOINT measuring videoscope from KARL STORZ is one of the smallest in its class due to its "See & Measure" function.

KARL STORZ Industrial Group is proud to present a brand new, 4.4 mm diameter videoscope incorporating our patented MULTIPOINT laser measuring system for the remote visual inspection market.

This new product makes KARL STORZ one of the few manufacturers offering this diameter of "See & Measure" videoscope. "See & Measure" allows for simultaneous inspection and measurement. There is no need to change tips as in conventional measurement methods and the image is viewed in full screen format at all times. Unlike the stereo measurement method, which produces half-images, the MULTIPOINT measurement system always provides a full-screen, full resolution view.

MULTIPOINT measurement allows for accurate analysis of heights, lengths, areas, references, line-to-point, and depths of defects. The system guarantees measuring accuracy from any angle of view of the videoscope as well as on any surface and is fully resistant to any vibration.

The new 4.4 mm videoscope also features one of the shortest rigid ends available today with 140° four-way articulation, allowing the inspection of even the smallest radius. Class leading, high intensity illumination also ensures that users are supplied with a quality of image not previously seen on this diameter of videoscope.

An ergonomic handle designed for true one-handed operation is standard on this videoscope and ensures intuitive ease of use. The articulation of the videoscope is controlled via the patented manual CLICK4MOVE® control that offers a multitude of advantages over conventional joystick control:

  • Full and direct, real-time, lag-free steering with an integral ‘lock’ feature.
  • True tactile feedback or "feel", ensuring that the user is fully aware of any obstacles or blockage directly at the tip of the videoscope.

The KARL STORZ commitment to quality ensures that all of our videoscopes are robust and impact-resistant, and the sheath incorporates our tried and tested tear resistance and tensile strength enabling it to withstand rugged industrial use and ensure a long operational life.

Multiple interchangeable lenses with different directions of view, depths of field, and angles of view are available for the 4.4 mm videoscope. Color codes ensure that the lenses can be intuitively distinguished. A titanium ring as well as the double safety thread (to prevent accidental detachment) increase safety. All of these features combine to ensure that whatever your application, we can provide the ultimate solution.