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IMAGE1 S™ Rubina® – 4K, 3D, NIR/ICG

IMAGE1 S™ Rubina® – mORe to discover

IMAGE1 S™ Rubina® combines the latest 4K, 3D and fluorescence imaging technologies (NIR/ICG) in one product family. The products feature 4K image quality in 2D and 3D as well as various NIR/ICG fluorescence modes. The new Power LED Rubina® makes this possible. The new modes, e.g., the superimposed NIR/ICG signal in the white light image (Overlay), provide valuable information. In addition, IMAGE1 S™ Rubina® offers an intensity map of the NIR/ICG signal as well as a pure near infrared mode in monochromatic display for the clear delineation of structures.