Roger Schneider has qualified for the 2010 Winter Olympics

12/02/2010 | Our company

Speed skater Roger Schneider

The young speed skater Roger Schneider, who is sponsored by KARL STORZ, has successfully qualified for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

On February 13, 2010, he will participate in the 5,000 meter speed skating race in Vancouver, Canada.

At KARL STORZ, we are very excited and congratulate Roger Schneider on his first participation in the Olympics. “We hope that Roger Schneider can tap into his great potential and achieve his athletic goals. ‘Participation is everything‘ at the Olympics, but of course, we are keeping our fingers crossed for him and hope that he does very well” comments a KARL STORZ company spokesman.

Please refer to the official 2010 Winter Olympic Games website for more information.