ENDOMAT® SELECT – The Choice is Yours

ENDOMAT® SELECT is an interdisciplinary roller pump for the irrigation or suction of fluids during surgical and diagnostic procedures.

Depending on customer preferences, the pump can be equipped with software packages so that it can be used for either individual or multiple disciplines.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-efficient pump as modular design supports basic functionality across various fields of application
  • Extremely simple handling thanks to tubing set for single hand control
  • Safe use thanks to tubing set recognition
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Software allows fields of application to be expanded at any time


The High-Performance Insufflator from KARL STORZ

Special Features:

  • Stable OR field thanks to innovative regulation
  • Gas heating adapts to various ambient conditions and reliably prevents telescope fogging
  • Maximum flow rate of up to 50 l/min
  • In combination with the S-PILOT® smoke evacuation system, creates optimal viewing conditions and a stable OR field, even in small cavity surgery


The solution for smoke evacuation

  • Enables smoke-free viewing during endoscopic interventions
  • Modular design allows combination with any pressure-regulated insufflator
  • Automatic activation with AUTOCON® II 400 and other HF units


The end of the stone age

With the CALCULASE® III, KARL STORZ is launching a new generation of desktop lasers for lithotripsy with an excellent price-performance ratio. Its very compact design makes this desktop laser particularly suitable for use on mobile carts for endoscopy equipment. Featuring a power rating of 35W and optimized modes, such as the burst mode for reducing the repulsion of stone fragments, the laser offers everything required for successful lithotripsy. RFID recognition of the laser fibers and intuitive operation on a 9" color touchscreen make the CALCULASE® III particularly user friendly. The laser can be used across specialties for lithotripsy in the kidney, ureter, and urinary bladder as well as the salivary ducts.

AUTOCON® III 400 – Optimized Performance for Bipolar Instruments

The new high-end HF unit AUTOCON® III 400 is perfectly designed for use with bipolar instruments. Thanks to the special mode optimized for bipolar RoBi® instruments from KARL STORZ, the power output is perfectly harmonized with instrument properties and tissue applications for a top performance.

Special features at a glance:

  • Maximum user comfort thanks to high-resolution touch display
  • Interdisciplinary use thanks to preprogrammed procedures for all specialties
  • Optimized mode for bipolar RoBi® instruments from KARL STORZ
  • Can be combined with S-PILOT™ for automatic smoke evacuation

AUTOCON® III 300 – A New Member of the AUTOCON® III Family

With a maximum output of unipolar 400 Watt and bipolar 200 Watt, AUTOCON® III 300 offers all the basic functions required in electrosurgery. One unipolar and one bipolar socket is now available for electrosurgical cutting and coagulation in various specialties.

Special features at a glance:

  • Interdisciplinary use thanks to presettings and individually adjustable procedures for all specialties
  • Particularly suitable for use in gastroenterology and arthroscopy due to specially developed modes
  • Can be combined with S-PILOT® for automatic smoke evacuation
  • Best hygiene conditions thanks to smooth touch screen surfaces


Module for argon-enhanced surgery

With the AUTOCON® III ARGON, a new member of the AUTOCON® III product family, KARL STORZ now also offers argon-enhanced surgery for non-contact coagulation and cutting. In combination with the high frequency generators AUTOCON® III 300 or AUTOCON® III 400, the AUTOCON® III ARGON produces an electrical plasma beam that is particularly well suited for the targeted coagulation of large-scale bleeding. Due to the limited penetration depth of the gas beam, the use of argon gas ensures the highest patient safety through maximum protection against perforation as well as homogeneous tissue coagulation.