Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

HOPKINS® TMJ Arthroscopes and Instruments

The HOPKINS® arthroscopes for TMJ arthroscopy are available in the diameters 1.9 mm and 2.4 mm. Furthermore, 0° or 30° directions of view can be used as desired. The rod lens technology of HOPKINS® arthroscopes ensures particularly high image quality and hence the best possible view. This is particularly helpful in complex arthroscopic microsurgery since the technique requires detailed viewing of internal joint structures. Again, custom-fit obturators allow insertion of the arthroscopy sheaths into the joint space as atraumatically as possible. Additional trocars are positioned to allow insertion of instruments into the joint. A series of instruments, such as grasping forceps, scissors, palpation hooks, sickle knives, and probes, can be used in the joint via trocars. HOPKINS® telescopes are autoclavable and can be stored, cleaned, and sterilized in purpose-designed trays. 

The ALL-IN-ONE Temporomandibular Arthroscope

The ALL-IN-ONE TMJ Arthroscope has an outer diameter of 2.2 mm and an integrated 1.4 mm working channel. It combines a telescope, irrigation channel, and working channel and thereby allows arthroscopic lavage as well as arthroscopic microsurgery. Again, the arthroscope sheath is first inserted in the temporomandibular joint and then connected with the ALL-IN-ONE TMJ Arthroscope via the existing LUER lock connector. The arthroscope sheath features a scale that enables surgeons to track the insertion depth of the employed instruments. The palpation hook, scissors, and biopsy forceps can be directly inserted into the joint through the endoscope’s integrated working channel. The custom-fit tray ensures optimal endoscope storage and reprocessing. 

All required components, including the endoscope, are autoclavable.

IMAGE1 S™ – As Individual as Your Requirements

The IMAGE1 S™ camera platform offers surgeons a single system for all applications. As a modular camera platform, IMAGE1 S™ combines various technologies (e.g., rigid, flexible and 3D endoscopy) in one system and can therefore be adapted to individual customer needs. Furthermore, near infrared (NIR/ICG) for fluorescence imaging, the integration of operating microscopes and the use of VITOM® 3D is possible via the camera platform.

  • Individual modules can be selected according to user requirements, e.g., for rigid and flexible endoscopes as well as 3D technology
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for easy tissue differentiation, e.g., in the field of temporomandibular joint arthroscopy:
    • CLARA: Homogeneous illumination
    • CHROMA: Contrast enhancement
    • SPECTRA*: Color shift and exchange
  • Automatic light source control
  • Natural color rendition

* not for sale in the U.S.


The TELE PACK X LED continues the tradition of the portable all-in-one systems from KARL STORZ. It can be used for a wide range of applications from the doctor’s office through to the operating room and, therefore, offers a considerable advantage in OMFS procedures. 

The powerful all-in-one unit combines all the features required for optimal endoscopic imaging: Monitor, LED light source, camera control unit and data management with an integrated network function. Integrated data management enables comprehensive recording of surgical interventions. Multiple USB ports, an SD card slot and the possibility to integrate the unit into the hospital and/or practice network offer many options to archive captured photos and videos or reprocess these at an external destination.

ALL-IN-ONE Sialendoscopes, ERLANGEN Model

Special Features:

  • Semiflexible miniature endoscopes for exploring the salivary ducts and removing salivary stones
  • cm-marking at the distal working end for reading the penetration depth
  • Particularly flexible thanks to the nitinol outer sheath
  • ALL-IN-ONE sialendoscopes with integrated irrigation and working channels
  • Enables the minimally invasive removal of obstructions in the salivary ducts
  • Optimal reprocessing as sialendoscopes are autoclavable

MARCHAL ALL-IN-ONE Sialendoscopes

Special Features:

  • Semiflexible miniature endoscopes for exploring the salivary ducts and removing salivary stones
  • cm-marking at the distal working end for reading the penetration depth as well as modified eyepiece design
  • ALL-IN-ONE sialendoscopes with integrated irrigation and working channels
  • 5° curvature at the distal tip
  • Enables the minimally invasive removal of obstructions in the salivary ducts
  • Optimal reprocessing as sialendoscopes are autoclavable

MARCHAL Modular Sialendoscope for Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Miniature endoscopes for children, adolescents and adults
  • Malleable sheaths
  • Working channel with diameter 0.65 or 1.15 mm

CALCULASE III – The End of the Stone Age

35 W holmium laser for sialendoscopy

With the CALCULASE III, KARL STORZ is launching a new generation of desktop lasers on the market with an excellent price-performance ratio. Featuring a power rating of 35 W and optimized modes, such as the burst mode for reducing the repulsion of stone fragments, the laser offers everything required for successful lithotripsy.

  • Improved performance of up to 35 Watts
  • Enhanced energy spectrum from 0.2-4 Joules
  • Higher frequency from 4-30 Hertz
  • Optimized pulse modes
  • RFID fiber identification
  • 10" touch screen for ease of use

Instrument Set for Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy

This special set of instruments and endoscopes was designed for the transnasal endoscopic treatment of obstructed nasolacrimal ducts under direct visualization with an endoscope. This provides optimal magnification and illumination of the indication field.

  • No skin incisions or facial scars
  • Shorter operation time
  • Also possible to simultaneously detect and treat changes to the nasal cavity and/or paranasal sinuses

Set for Microendoscopy of the Lacrimal Duct

The set for microendoscopy of the lacrimal duct enables the opening of the lacrimal duct and thus restores the normal tear drainage.

  • Minimally invasive intervention
  • Direct visualization of the lacrimal sac and lacrimal duct
  • Short recovery time

Motor Systems

Special features of the high-speed Micro Motor:

  • Brushless high-speed Micro Motor
  • Smallest possible dimensions
  • Autoclavable
  • Can be reprocessed in a cleaning machine
  • Number of revolutions up to 60,000 rpm, infinitely variable

Motor Systems

Special features of the high-performance EC Micro Motor II: 

  • Self-cooling and brushless high-performance EC Micro Motor II
  • Smallest possible dimensions
  • Autoclavable
  • Can be reprocessed in a cleaning machine
  • Detachable connecting cable
  • Versatile use thanks to INTRA coupling
  • Number of revolutions up to 40,000 rpm, infinitely variable

TMJ Arthroscopy

Minimally invasive treatment of the temporomandibular joint

  • Arthrocentesis and lavage under endoscopic view
  • Magnified and detailed visualization of the surgical field
  • Working channel for the insertion of micro instruments for further treatment of the TMJ
  • Documentation of surgical steps possible

SMART SCOPE – The Endoscope Adaptor for Smartphones

In combination with KARL STORZ endoscopes, the smartphone adaptor from KARL STORZ allows easy documentation of endoscopic images on a smartphone. Images and videos are easily transmitted to an office computer via a smartphone data transfer function. The SMART SCOPE can be adapted to all standard eyepieces from KARL STORZ and is compatible with various smartphone models. This straightforward handling ensures flexibility in every situation – from the doctor’s office to consultation services.

Special Features:

  • Plug & Play
  • Ready for use anywhere and anytime
  • Compatible with standard eyepieces and various smartphones
  • Easy to capture, transfer and archive both image and video data

EndoCAMeleon® for Sinoscopy

Special Features:

  • Easy-to-use control wheel, now with fin
  • Light cable connector facing upwards
  • Adjustable direction of view (15° to 90°) – less telescope changeover
  • Diameter 4 mm, length 18 cm
  • Lightweight construction and modern design
  • Suitable wire tray for the storage and reprocessing of telescopes
  • Standard eyepiece fits all camera heads

Root Canal Endoscope

Endoscope-assisted non-surgical endodontic therapy

Special Features:

  • Apical portions of the root canals can be viewed
  • Allows endoscopy of the endodontic system of all tooth types, including molars
  • Documentation possible via the Tele Pack X LED System

Headlight KS70

Special Features:

  • Long service life with a battery lifespan of up to 18 hours
  • Optical charge status display with LED status and blinking light as low battery signal warning
  • Optimal wearing comfort due to balanced, lightweight design and ergonomic headband
  • High-performance LED in combination with liquid lens technology for optimal depth illumination
  • Luminous field can be focused using the focus ring – adjustable from 30 mm to 150 mm at a working distance of 400 mm
  • Light intensity in maximum mode is 32,000 Lux (working distance 400 mm / illuminated field diameter 30 mm)