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Item no: TH020

RUBINA Lens, NIR/ICG Exoscope 90°


Product details

Rubina® Lens – NIR/ICG in Open Surgery

The new Rubina® Lens expands the product family with a 2D exoscope for NIR/ICG and white light indications in open surgery. The IMAGE1 S™ Rubina® Lens system offers the surgeon one interdisciplinary modular system for visualization and documentation of NIR/ICG or purely white light interventions.

  • Autoclavable exoscope, for combination with a camera head
  • 4K image quality in white light and NIR/ICG as well as high NIR/ICG sensitivity
  • The wide-angle telescope provides a large field of view as well as a 16:9 format without loss of quality
  • Large and flexible working distance enables use across specialties and indications without constant refocusing
  • Ergonomic work thanks to a 90° image orientation as well as the option of using the Rubina® Lens handheld or fixed to a holding system.
  • Manual horizon control for orientation and good positioning
  • Visualization and documentation of open procedures with the IMAGE1 S™ in white light and NIR/ICG
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Light transmission mediumFiber optic light transmission
Direction of view90°
Angle of viewwide angle
Aspect ratio16:9
S-Technologiesyes, in combination mit IMAGE1 S
Fluorescence imaging (Blue Light Imaging, BLI)no
Fluorescence imaging (NIR/ICG)yes
Weight450 g
Controlhandheld or fixed
Working distance10 - 30 cm
Optimal working distance18 cm