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OR Integration

OR Integration

Our customizable systems enable seamless workflows to improve patient outcomes in your operating room.

OR Integration

Our customizable systems enable seamless workflows to improve patient outcomes in your operating room.

Modular. Efficient. Integrated.

Adaptive Systems
The modular design provides an adaptable and scalable surgical integration solution for any operating room.
Workflow Efficiency
By automating workflows and centralizing functions, OR1 helps you focus on the process rather than managing multiple devices.
Seamless Integration
Creates a seamlessly integrated setting to boost efficacy and teamwork during surgical interventions.

Experience OR1

Discover the OR1 in 360 | Heidelberg University Hospital. See all OR1 case studies


Flexible solutions for any operating space

The whole OR1 portfolio is designed to improve workflows, provide an ergonomic and efficient workplace, and offer future-proof and expandable technologies.

    OR1 NEO®

    OR1 NEO® is a state-of-the-art surgical integration system designed to increase operating room efficiency and improve communication by intuitively controlling and integrating multiple medical devices and data sources.

    Explore OR1 NEO®

    Discover how digitizing workflows with OR1 NEO® improves surgical processes, ultimately leading to better patient care.

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    The core features of OR1 NEO®

    Ergonomic Workspace
    Seamlessly integrates a wide range of medical devices and data sources, ensuring an efficent operating room environment.
    Enhanced Communication
    Provides high-definition video streaming and bidirectional audio transmission, supporting effective communication and collaboration.
    Data Availability
    Offers comprehensive data recording and management capabilities, enabling surgical workflow analysis and medical documentation.

    Complete your OR1 NEO® solution

    OR1 AIR®

    OR1 AIR® transforms surgical teamwork with high-tech communication and video collaboration in a compact design, enhancing surgical efficiency and patient care.

    Explore OR1 AIR®

    Discover how OR1 AIR®, a modern and lightweight solution for OR integration, enables 4K UHD A/V distribution inside the OR and facilitates documentation and audiovisual communication within the hospital environment.

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    The core features of OR1 AIR®

    Save Data
    Capturing high-quality surgical images aids progress monitoring, informed decisions, and outcome analysis.
    Seamless integration of high-quality audio/video technology provides 4K UHD, 3D, and FULL HD images for accurate visualization and team collaboration.
    Enhanced Communication
    OR1 AIR® enables live video and bi-directional audio streaming with telestration for symposiums, teaching, and consultations.

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    OFFICE1 is a modular room concept that optimizes the structure, workflow, and quality of the medical examination process.

    Why OFFICE1?

    "With OFFICE1 [...], we have optically and functionally arrived at the next generation of ENT examination units. During daily work, the well-planned concept optimizes procedures and meets all hygienic standards. The visual appearance impresses patients with its technically cool restraint and clear lines. [...]"  Dr. med. Martin Trapp, ENT Surgeon, Koblenz.

    Words from our OFFICE1 customers

    Watch our valued customer Prof. Bergmann talk about the many advantages of OFFICE1 – from building trust with the patients to helping them follow the endoscopy directly through TELE PACK+. 

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    Choose your OFFICE1 concept

    OFFICE1 Challenger

    OFFICE1 Challenger includes a spatial separation into a "clean" and an "unclean" side as well as a compact, ergonomic system in which all stored equipment is protected from dust and aerosols meeting the highest hygiene standards. Visualization and documentation can be fully integrated.

    OFFICE1 Easy

    OFFICE1 Easy consists of various possible arrangements, allowing optimal adaptation to workflows with a compact design including medical media that can be adapted to individual requirements. Additional visualization and documentation is available.

    OFFICE1 Diamond

    OFFICE1 Diamond comprises a special furnishing concept including furniture made from durable, low-porosity solid surface material, following the workflow tailored to the user’s routines and the available space, as well as fully integrated visualization and top-quality documentation.

    Complete your OFFICE1 solution


    SCENARA® seamlessly links pre-, intra-, and post-surgery processes, offering centralized information retrieval. It enables easy editing, storage, and access to surgical images and video sequences, streamlining surgery preparation, debriefing, and live consultations. Real-time updates provide a comprehensive view of activities in and around the operating room.

    SCENARA® Pathway Management

    SCENARA® Pathway Management offers a comprehensive view of OR activities, including patient pathways and delay notifications. Automated process management streamlines work processes, providing real-time information on OR occupancy, upcoming tasks, and procedure status, ensuring efficient planning and timely task execution.

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    SCENARA® Collaboration Management

    Discover a unique communications experience from the OR with SCENARA® Collaboration Management. Benefit from the possibility to transmit a live surgical image from the OR to one or more locations in the hospital in order to consult colleagues easily and quickly, to make arrangements or to share the entire operation with an auditorium for training purposes.

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    SCENARA® Content Management

    SCENARA® Content Management manages, edits, and saves patient content throughout their journey, providing easy access from any device. It ensures data security through encryption and backup strategies, with user administration for authorized access.

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    Choose the SCENARA® applications that suit you best.


    AIDA® and AIDA® C enable flexible adaptation to the needs of various specialities and thereby allow for the highest degree of customization.


    AIDA® and AIDA® C provide a secure foundation for safe patient documentation in examination rooms and operating theaters. They seamlessly integrate with hospital systems, offering flexibility from 2D, FULL HD with AIDA® C to 3D, 4K-UHD with AIDA®. Patient data is safeguarded within the hospital's digital infrastructure.

    The core features of AIDA®

    Customize your choice to your specific needs, whether it's the number of image sources, recording quality, 3D capabilities, OR safety checklist digitalization, or interface preference. Both options offer exciting image and video capture possibilities.
    Enjoy automatic background data saving, quick media marking and commentary, streamlined workflows, and a short learning curve for effortless use.
    AIDA® offers comprehensive configuration possibilities to ensure data security and to meet cybersecurity requirements, ensuring you are supported throughout the process.

    Complete your AIDA® solution

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