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04/11/2015 |

Optimal connection between endoscopes and smartphones

The new SMART SCOPE from KARL STORZ in combination with an autoscope and powerful battery light source delivers well-illuminated and meaningful endoscopic recordings.

Mobility and flexibility of remote visual inspection equipment is the distinguishing feature of the KARL STORZ Industrial Group. In addition to our existing range of mobile documentation and measuring systems, KARL STORZ is now delighted to offer to the market a borescope/flexoscope smartphone adaptor that is suitable for quick inspection and documentation in non-destructive remote visual inspection.

In conjunction with rigid and flexible industrial scopes from KARL STORZ, the adaptor provides a fast and cost-effective solution to capture and save photos and videos with a smartphone and, if required, send these to a third party. This enables quicker identification and documentation of defects and, if required, support regardless of location.

The SMART SCOPE comprises a telescope with quick-release coupling and a matching smartphone case. The case acts as a holder for the smartphone and establishes an optimal connection between the SMART SCOPE and the smartphone camera. Thanks to the quick-release coupling, all rigid or flexible endoscopes with standard eyepieces can be connected to the SMART SCOPE. In the case of endoscopes and autoscopes with a diameter of 3.8 mm, the telescope in the SMART SCOPE optimizes the image to fill as much of the screen as possible. In the case of larger telescopes, the image displayed on the smartphone is usually cropped. With smaller telescopes, only part of the smartphone camera surface is utilized.
In conjunction with the SMART SCOPE, all standard features offered by modern smartphones can be utilized. These include image and video recordings, image zoom, select focusing, image and data transfer via e-mail, data transfer function and much more. Moreover, various smartphone apps are available for optimizing camera operation and image processing.

The SMART SCOPE is equipped with a tripod that can be attached to all standard tripods. Thanks to the special smartphone case, no further adjustment is necessary when the smartphone is combined with the SMART SCOPE. A modern smartphone with good image quality combined with the high-power and portable battery light source from KARL STORZ provide you with well-illuminated and meaningful inspection recordings.