NAV1® electromagnetic

For precise navigation in FESS and ear surgery

  • Low follow-up costs thanks to reusable EM instruments in proven KARL STORZ quality*
  • High precision thanks to sensors in the instrument tips
  • Compact design for easy integration into the OR
  • Customized enhancement possible thanks to optical measurement technology
  • User-friendly control concept with few interaction steps
  • Possible to update NAV1® SINUSTRACKER™ planning software, the navigated endoscope and the navigated shaver tracker
  • Planning and monitoring of risk structures with intraoperative Distance Control
  • Automatic and reliable documentation of the navigated procedure


* Up to 30 applications guaranteed

NAV1® SinusTracker™

The innovative planning software for new routes in FESS surgery

The NAV1® SINUSTRACKER™ planning software enhances the KARL STORZ NAV1® ELECTROMAGNETIC system with the automatic planning of access paths in paranasal sinus and skull base surgery. On the basis of a preoperatively set starting and destination point in the patient’s radiological data, the software allows the surgeon to determine a precise access path that is specially adapted to the individual anatomic structures of the patient.
The physician then reviews and modifies the suggested access path at his/her discretion. Intraoperatively, the selected route is visualized on the navigation screen so that the actual position in the site is under constant control.

Benefits of the NAV1® SinusTracker™

  • Multiple Path Planning enables the preoperative planning and naming of up to eight access paths and alternatives
  • Intraoperative visualization and control of access paths
  • Less preoperative planning required thanks to automatic preplanning
  • Flexible, pre- and intraoperative adaptation of the access path possible

NAV1® Endoscope Tracker

Augmented FESS endoscopy with the new electromagnetic navigated endoscope adaptor

Using augmented endoscopy, which was specially developed for the NAV1® SINUSTRACKER™, the real-time endoscopic image can be enhanced with information obtained from the preoperative virtual planning of the access route. Adaptor is used in conjunction with KARL STORZ HOPKINS® telescopes with 0°, 30° or 45° directions of view for augmentation. The position and direction of view of the employed telescope is displayed in the radiology images in such a way that the endoscopic image can be precisely assigned to the exact location in-situ.

Benefits of augmented endoscopy

  • Possible to display planning elements in the standard endoscopic image
  • Visual navigation of non-navigated instruments along the preoperatively planned route
  • Spatial mapping of the direction of view and the position of the telescope in the site

NAV1® optical

The optical navigation system for FESS and ear surgery without any single-use products

Benefits of NAV1® OPTICAL

  • Seamless integration as the basic unit can be attached to a ceiling supply unit or equipment cart
  • Very economic thanks to patented autoclavable and therefore reusable glass spheres and instruments
  • User-friendly interface – short learning curve thanks to clearly defined control elements and menu navigation
  • Wide range of conventional as well as motor-driven navigation instruments in the proven KARL STORZ quality
  • NAV1® ELECTROMAGNETIC module enables customized enhancement thanks to optical measurement technology