Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Gastroscopes

  • The KARL STORZ S-Technologies (CLARA, CHROMA, SPECTRA) make it easier for examiners to assess the mucosal structure
  • Ergonomically shaped control unit for fatigue-free working
  • Large deflection area for a complete view
  • Homogeneous image brightness, even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Programmable remote control buttons, single and double assignment

Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Colonoscopes

  • KARL STORZ S-Technologies offer the examiner five visualization modes
  • Homogeneous image brightness, even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Available in two working lengths and with two insertion characteristics
  • Excellent deflection, tight radius
  • Brushable water jet channel in colonoscopes with a working length of 1600 mm

Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Duodenoscope

  • Uncompromising hygienic safety
  • Removable and autoclavable Albarran module
  • KARL STORZ S-Technologies offer diverse visualization possibilities
  • 140° wide-angle lens with 5° retrograde orientation for a direct view of the ampulla of Vater

IMAGE1 S ビデオプロセッサ

  • フレキシブル内視鏡にも硬性内視鏡にも使用できるモジュール型システム
  • フルハイビジョンのカメラコントロールユニットの解像度は、1920 x 1080ピクセルです。
  • カールストルツの S-テクノロジー(CLARA、CHROMA、CLARA + CHROMA、SPECTRA A および SPECTRA B)は、粘膜構造と表面の血管との判定を容易にします。
  • サイドバイサイド表示:白色光画像と、各種画像強調モードを同時に表示できるので、リアルタイムでの比較が可能です。
  • 4個の USB インターフェースを備えているので、画像データおよびビデオデータを外部媒体に保存できます。

CO2mbi LED Cold Light Fountain

  • Two-in-one solution combines a LED light source and air/CO2 insufflator in one unit
  • Long LED module service life provides significant cost reductions
  • Manually adjustable light intensity
  • Optimal light yield with high-efficiency LED
  • CO2 insufflation for greater patient comfort
  • Choice of three insufflation modes: 100% CO2 mode, regular room air, CO2 /air mode
  • Integrated pump with two power levels for rapid insufflation
  • Display with interactive icons
  • Touch screen can also be controlled with wet gloves


  • Portable all-in-one system combines a monitor, video processor, LED light source, documentation unit and insufflation pump in one unit
  • The high level of integration provides flexibility and independence
  • For use in the emergency room, intensive care unit and outpatient settings, e.g., in nursing homes/rehab
  • Compatible with all current KARL STORZ gastro-, colono- and duodenoscopes
  • A light cable adaptor allows the unit to be used with rigid endoscopes
  • Network function can be integrated as a software update in all inventory Systems