Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Gastroscopes

The flexible routine gastroscope

  • The routine gastroscope is a reliable instrument for everyday use in gastroenterology. The 2.8 mm working channel allows the use of all instruments for diagnosis and intervention
  • Excellent deflection up to 210°

The medium gastroscope for standard and pediatric use

  • Elegant 7.8 mm outer diameter with 2.8 mm working channel
  • Also suitable for pediatric applications
  • Excellent deflection up to 210°

The slim gastroscope for pediatric use and in case of stenoses

  • Very slender sheath with 5.9 mm outer diameter and a 2.0 mm working channel
  • Particularly well suited for examinations in very young patients and patients with stenoses
  • Excellent deflection up to 210°

Interventional Gastroscope with Two Working/Suction Channels

  • For interventional and emergency gastroscopy
  • Two working channels, 2.8 mm and 3.8 mm in diameter, with slender insertion sheath
  • Additional water jet channel with LUER-Lock connector
  • Simultaneous working and suction
  • Complex procedures can be performed with two instruments simultaneously
  • New suction valve with the choice of three suction options:
    • Suction through the 3.8 mm channel
    • Suction through the 2.8 mm channel
    • Simultaneous suction through both channels for maximum suction performance

An Outstanding Duodenoscopy System: The Answer to Therapeutic and Hygiene Challenges

  • Optimal reprocessing ensured through close collaboration with leading international hygiene institutes
  • Unparalleled removable and autoclavable Albarran module for perfect hygiene results
  • Albarran channel can be rinsed and brushed without compromises
  • Hygiene is no longer a problem in ERCP thanks to the detachable Albarran module
  • Efficient 4.2 mm working channel

Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Colonoscopes

  • Three innovative visualization technologies for easy tissue differentiation:
    • Clara: Homogeneous illumination
    • Chroma: Contrast enhancement
    • Spectra*: Spectral color shift and color exchange
  • Homogeneous image brightness, even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Available in two working lengths and with two insertion characteristics
  • Excellent deflection, tight radius
  • Brushable water jet channel in colonoscopes with a working length of 1600 mm

* SPECTRA: Not for sale in the U.S.

Slim Colonoscope, also Suitable for Pediatric Applications

  • Elegant 11.2 mm outer diameter with 3.4 mm working channel
  • Enhanced endoscope flexibility for greater patient comfort
  • Excellent deflection up to 210°
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free working
  • Three programmable function keys with 6 individually adjustable functions
  • The KARL STORZ S-Technologies offer the user five visualization modes
  • CO2 insufflation prevents postoperative pain
  • The brushable water jet channel provides optimal hygiene results
  • Available in three different lengths


フレクシブル直腸鏡 SILVER SCOPE® (TROIDL式) は、直腸鏡検査に導入することのできるフレクシブル内視鏡検査の基本的メリットをまとめたものです。


  • 作業長さ 40cm で取り扱いがより簡単に
  • 最大 210゜ の回転によって視野が改善し、順行観察および逆行観察によって診断および治療方法が改善
  • 外科疾患の診断および直腸部での手術時他に使用することが可能
  • コントローラの形状が人間工学的に考え抜かれているため、作業による疲れを軽減
  • モジュール型の IMAGE1 S™ カメラプラットフォームによって、硬性内視鏡検査とフレクシブル内視鏡検査のコンビネーションが可能

IMAGE1 S™ – As Individual as your Requirements

IMAGE1 S™ is the core technology of the KARL STORZ gastroenterology system: Efficient, innovative and brilliant. Through color adjustments, the image quality was tailored to the special needs in gastroenterology. Combining the camera and light source via the KARL STORZ Communication Bus (SCB) guarantees consistent, optimal illumination of both deep spaces and the near range.

  • Modular system for both flexible and rigid endoscopy
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for easy tissue differentiation: CLARA, CHROMA and SPECTRA*
  • Side-by-side view allows real-time comparison of the white light image and visualization modes
  • Automatic light source control
  • Multiple source management: Simultaneous control, display, documentation of image information from two connected image sources (e.g., for hybrid interventions)

* SPECTRA: Not for sale in the U.S.

CO2mbi® LED Cold Light Fountain

  • Two-in-one solution combines a LED light source and air/CO2 insufflator in one unit
  • Long LED module service life provides significant cost reductions
  • Manually adjustable light intensity
  • Optimal light yield with high-efficiency LED
  • CO2 insufflation for greater patient comfort
  • Choice of three insufflation modes: 100% CO2 mode, regular room air,
  • CO2 /air mode
  • Integrated pump with two power levels for rapid insufflation
  • Display with interactive icons
  • Touch screen can also be controlled with wet gloves


  • Portable all-in-one system combines a monitor, video processor, LED light source, documentation unit and insufflation pump in one unit
  • The high level of integration provides flexibility and independence
  • For use in the emergency room, intensive care unit and outpatient settings, e.g., in nursing homes/rehab
  • Compatible with all current KARL STORZ gastro-, colono- and duodenoscopes
  • A light cable adaptor allows the unit to be used with rigid endoscopes
  • Network function can be integrated as a software update in all inventory Systems


Module for argon-enhanced surgery

With the AUTOCON® III ARGON, a new member of the AUTOCON® III product family, KARL STORZ now also offers argon-enhanced surgery for non-contact coagulation and cutting. In combination with the high frequency generators AUTOCON® III 300 or AUTOCON® III 400, the AUTOCON® III ARGON produces an electrical plasma beam that is particularly well suited for the targeted coagulation of large-scale bleeding. Due to the limited penetration depth of the gas beam, the use of argon gas ensures the highest patient safety through maximum protection against perforation as well as homogeneous tissue coagulation. 

Flexible Accessories and Instruments for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Use in Gastroenterological Endoscopy

MTP-brand KARL STORZ products

KARL STORZ offers a wide range of single-use products for daily use in gastroenterology.

  • Standard papillotomes as well as dual-lumen and triple-lumen papillotomes for any user preference. Triple-lumen papillotomes for the use of guide wires and the application of contrast agents in separate channels
  • Biopsy forceps with sheath to reduce frictional resistance in the channel and to protect the channel entrance
  • Biopsy forceps without spike for optimal tissue yield
  • Biopsy forceps with spike for better grip in hard-to-access areas, such as in case of esophageal stricture

Medium Gastroscope for Standard and Pediatric Applications

  • Elegant 7.8 mm outer diameter with 2.8 mm working channel
  • Also suitable for pediatric use
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free working
  • Excellent deflection up to 210°
  • Three programmable function keys with 6 individually adjustable functions
  • Full upward and downward compatibility with KARL STORZ video processors and light sources

Slim Gastroscope for Pediatric Applications and Stenoses

  • Very slim sheath with 5.9 mm outer diameter and 2 mm working channel
  • Particularly suited for examining stenoses
  • Three programmable function keys with 6 individually adjustable functions
  • LED illumination with the CO2mbi LED light source