Sybill Storz receives Diesel gold medal

30/11/2004 | Our company

Since as early as 1952, pioneering achievements, discoverers and inventors in the field of technology and science have been honored with the Rudolf Diesel medal, named after the inventor of the engine of the same name. Every two to three years, Diesel medals are ceremoniously awarded to inventors who have merited them by presenting, undertaking or supporting creative work. In 2004, the German Institute of Inventions awarded Diesel gold medals to business men and women who have actively fostered innovation in Germany by supporting inventions and their development into products.
In November 2004, Sybill Storz was honored together with Günter Kampichler, Prof Dr Anton Kathrein, Jörgen Rasmussen, Prof Dr Fritz Sennheiser and Prof Dr h. c. Reinhold Würth. A distinction which only few are granted. Among those awarded medals in the past are famous personalities such as Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, Carl-Friedrich Benz and Gottlob Bauknecht, as well as numerous Nobel laureates, such as Ernst Ruska or Jan Enders.