Flexible, Very Slim Gastroscope

  • Very slim sheath with 5.9 mm outer diameter and 2 mm working channel
  • Particularly suitable for the examination of stenoses
  • Three programmable function keys with 6 individually adjustable functions
  • LED illumination with the CO2mbi LED light source

Slim Gastroscope for Standard and Pediatric Use

  • Elegant 7.8 mm outer diameter with 2.8 mm working channel
  • Also suitable for pediatric use
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free working
  • Excellent deflection up to 210°
  • Three programmable function keys with 6 individually adjustable functions
  • Full upward and downward compatibility with KARL STORZ video processors and light sources

Slim Routine Colonoscope, also for pediatric use

  • Elegant 11.2 mm outer diameter with 3.4 mm working channel
  • Enhanced endoscope flexibility for greater patient comfort
  • Excellent deflection up to 210°
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free working
  • Three programmable function keys with 6 individually adjustable functions
  • The KARL STORZ S-Technologies offer the user five visualization modes
  • CO2 insufflation prevents postoperative pain
  • The brushable water jet channel provides optimal hygiene results
  • Available in three different lengths

Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Gastroscopes

  • The KARL STORZ S-Technologies (CLARA, CHROMA, SPECTRA) make it easier for examiners to assess the mucosal structure
  • Ergonomically shaped control unit for fatigue-free working
  • Large deflection area for a complete view
  • Homogeneous image brightness, even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Programmable remote control buttons, single and double assignment

Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Colonoscopes

  • KARL STORZ S-Technologies offer the examiner five visualization modes
  • Homogeneous image brightness, even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Available in two working lengths and with two insertion characteristics
  • Excellent deflection, tight radius
  • Brushable water jet channel in colonoscopes with a working length of 1600 mm

Flexible SILVER SCOPE® Duodenoscope

  • Uncompromising hygienic safety
  • Removable and autoclavable Albarran module
  • KARL STORZ S-Technologies offer diverse visualization possibilities
  • 140° wide-angle lens with 5° retrograde orientation for a direct view of the ampulla of Vater

IMAGE1 S – As Individual as your Requirements

IMAGE1 S is the core technology of the KARL STORZ gastroenterology system: Efficient, innovative and brilliant. Through color adjustments, the image quality was tailored to the special needs in gastroenterology. Combining the camera and light source via the KARL STORZ Communication Bus (SCB) guarantees consistent, optimal illumination of both deep spaces and the near range.

  • Modular system for both flexible and rigid endoscopy
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for easy tissue differentiation: CLARA, CHROMA and SPECTRA*
  • Side-by-side view allows real-time comparison of the white light image and visualization modes
  • Automatic light source control
  • Multiple source management: Simultaneous control, display, documentation of image information from two connected image sources (e.g., for hybrid interventions)

CO2mbi LED – LED Technology with Air or CO2 Insufflation

The CO2mbi LED is a unique cold light fountain with an integrated air or CO2 insufflation pump. Particularly during longer procedures, CO2 insufflation minimizes post-operative pain as CO2 gas is more quickly absorbed by the patient’s body. In the eco mode, the unit automatically switches to air insufflation in the pause phase and thus actively saves CO2.

  • Choice of insufflation with regular room air or CO2 according to individual requirements
  • Powerful LED technology is durable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and significantly reduces running costs
  • Procurement costs amortized after just a few years
  • Automatic light source control
  • Touch screen


  • Portable all-in-one system combines a monitor, video processor, LED light source, documentation unit and insufflation pump in one unit
  • The high level of integration provides flexibility and independence
  • For use in the emergency room, intensive care unit and outpatient settings, e.g., in nursing homes/rehab
  • Compatible with all current KARL STORZ gastro-, colono- and duodenoscopes
  • A light cable adaptor allows the unit to be used with rigid endoscopes
  • Network function can be integrated as a software update in all inventory Systems