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In addition to using the KARL STORZ camera systems with endoscopes, it is possible to connect all KARL STORZ cameras to surgical microscopes and colposcopes. The adaptation requires a standardized C-MOUNT connection on the specific optical system.

This connection can be made either directly via the standardized C-MOUNT connection or indirectly via quick-adaptors.

Direct Adaptation: A direct connection between the camera and the microscope has the advantage that special adaptor systems are no longer necessary. The direct C-MOUNT connection is safe, stable, and does not reduce quality. Such a connection can be made, for example, with

  • the IMAGE 1 H3-M HD Microscope Camera Head
  • the  TELECAM C-MOUNT Camera Head  or the
  • TRICAM® C-MOUNT Camera Head in conjunction with an adaptor.

Indirect Adaptation: An indirect adaptation between the KARL STORZ camera systems and an operating microscope or colposcope with C-MOUNT connection, may be accomplished with special quick-adaptors. These quick-adaptors ensure the connection between the standardized endoscope coupling and the C-MOUNT of the optical system. The advantage of this solution is that the camera can be plugged directly into the optical system with the endoscope coupling, without time-consuming threading action. Such a quick adaptation is possible with all KARL STORZ cameras with endoscope coupling.

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