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KARL STORZ unveils revolutionary FLEX-X™

CLEVELAND, Ohio - KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., the leader in minimally invasive urology, unveiled its revolutionary new Flex-X™ Uretero-Reno-Fiberscope at the opening session of the 1st World Summit on Kidney Surgery held at The Cleveland Clinic. Meeting attendees had the opportunity to put Flex-X’s revolutionary design and responsive han-dling to the test. During a live international telecast of advanced ureteroscopy, Flex-X demon-strated superior performance in several important categories, including ease of entry to the lower pole calyces and navigation of the entire renal collecting system. Flex-X’s proprietary new fiber bundle system was also credited with delivering larger, higher resolution images for improved tissue differentiation.
Patented single lever control of the bending section is the most important design feature of Flex-X, providing surgeons with intuitive navigation and operational control.
“Single lever control through a full 270 degrees of deflection capability represents a giant leap forward in technological design,” said Jay Houser, director of marketing, KARL STORZ. “Urologists can now maintain complete control throughout complex maneuvers and be assured of precise placement.”
Featuring continuous controlled deflection, Flex-X enables active deflection a full 270 degrees in either direction for complex navigation maneuvers and a thorough diagnosis. Flex- X readily adapts to a wide range of anatomical shapes with a unique bending section that features a decreas-ing radius.
Whenever the surgeon encounters an obstruction, the bending radius immediately contours to the area of the kidney or ureter for easy passage.
Responsive handling and intuitive deflection provide surgeons with ready access to the entire in-trarenal system -- all the way to the lower pole calyces. And a proprietary cable design reduces cable forces for a longer cable life and long-term retention of the articulation specification.
“Accessing the lower pole calyces just got easier thanks to Flex-X’s advanced proprietary verte-brae design,” said Anne Marie Crownfield, group marketing manager, urology, KARL STORZ. “Now urologists can return to the same stone, repeatedly and quickly performing therapeutic pro-cedures in some of the most difficult to access regions of the kidney.”
Flex-X combines responsive deflection with a generous working channel that allows the use of a wide choice of instruments, including the latest laser technologies. The patented unified bending section provides the ideal treatment, working with 200-micron to 400-micron laser fibers.
The most durable flexible ureteroscope from KARL STORZ yet, Flex-X incorporates revolution-ary technology and space age materials for a stiffer, crush resistant insertion shaft. Providing 1:1 torque stability, Flex-X facilitates accurate positioning and ease of use. In some cases, insertion can even be performed without a guidewire.
“Flex-X’s slender, 7.5 Fr. insertion shaft allows easier insertion, while the stiffer, robust 8.4 Fr. shaft provides the power to maneuver with confidence throughout the entire urinary collecting system,” said Crownfield. “Case after case, Flex-X returns fully functional and ready for use -- even after navigating some of the most challenging anatomies.”
KARL STORZ backs Flex-X with a comprehensive warranty that provides complete coverage for 12 months against manufacturers’ defects. Overnight repair turnaround is also available, as necessary, through the exclusive Protection 1® Repair Program.
Flex-X is just the latest addition to KARL STORZ’s comprehensive line of endoscopic urologic products including resectoscopes, rigid and flexible cystoscopes, ureteroscopes and nephro-scopes, vaporization electrodes, transurethral injection systems, and instruments for stone management.

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