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Bipolar Resectoscope

After decades of experience in the development and manufacture of unipolar resectoscopes and bipolar instruments, KARL STORZ has developed an innovative bipolar resectoscope and its perfect complement, the AUTOCON® II 400 high-frequency unit.

Resection in saline solution
By working with physiological saline solution, the risk of TUR syndrome is significantly reduced.

Easy to use – great benefits
The bipolar working element can be used together with all KARL STORZ standard resectoscope sheaths and telescopes.

High level of safety
The direct current return via the electrode prevents a current flow via the sheath.

Ready for all indications
The various loop styles ensure that the best equipment is available for each surgery.

Outstanding resection performance
The C-Cut resection current generated by the high frequency unit AUTOCON® II 400 is optimized for use in saline solution and ensures resection with minimal bleeding, avoiding timeconsuming recoagulation. The AUTOCON® II 400 high frequency unit is the only device worldwide with easy-to-use touch screen and was developed expressly for interdisciplinary use in unipolar and bipolar applications.
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KARL STORZ AUTOCON II 400 – High Frequency Surgery Systems
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