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KARL STORZ ENDOCAMELEON® –The New Laparoscope with Variable Direction of View

Until now, surgeons had to choose in advance which telescopes to use in a procedure. They were generally able to select from telescopes with 0°, 30° or 45° viewing directions, but were restricted to the selected direction throughout surgery or had to perform an intraoperative telescope change to obtain another viewing direction required for the specific procedure.

KARL STORZ now offers a better solution:
ENDOCAMELEON® – the new laparoscope with variable direction of view.

The new ENDOCAMELEON® combines the familiar tried and tested procedural comfort of a conventional 0° HOPKINS® rod lens telescope with the advantages and potential of a laparoscope featuring variable viewing direction.
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Our new and innovative laparoscope allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the viewing direction between 0° and 120° as the conditions require. As a result, intraoperative telescope changes have become unnecessary, and the surgeon is able to optimally view the entire surgical field. The new ENDOCAMELEON® permits optimal visualization, even of regions that cannot be viewed with traditional laparoscopes.

Moreover, the new ENDOCAMELEON® also scores in relation to cost effectiveness – a laparoscope that truly meets all requirements.

For challenging interventions e.g. in the field of bariatric surgery we are offering our ENDOCAMELEON® also as an extra long version (42 cm working length).

Applications of this innovative and universal laparoscope are all laparoscopic/endoscopic procedures in surgery, urology and gynecology.

An excellent image quality can be achieved with the new ENDOCAMELEON® in combination with our innovative KARL STORZ IMAGE 1 HD system.


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ENDOCAMELEON® – Variable in Every Direction
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