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H3-Z Versatile High Definition Camera Head / H3-ZI Inline High Definition Camera Head

Razor sharp and crystal clear images with natural color reproduction in Full HD resolution are a prerequisite to highest chirurgic standards in all medical endoscopic disciplines. With a proven record in high quality design, optimized weight and ergonomic handling and the latest image sensor technology KARL STORZ’s H3-Z and H3-ZI camera heads set the standard in endoscopy.

Full HD technology invented by KARL STORZ still is the highest standard that revolutionized the endoscopic world two years ago. With this new camera generation we focused on ergonomics and image quality beyond the megapixel race. Latest sensor technology generates for even more brilliant and sharp images. Endoscope specific image processing provides optimum picture quality in all medical environments. The combination with Image Capture Module yields a powerful and versatile documentation system.

Click to zoom picture.
Click to zoom picture.
  • The progressive scan 3-chip camera head with the latest in CCD sensor technology assures brilliant, noise-free Images with natural color reproduction even in situations with critical light conditions.
  • Weight optimized conception paired with an ergonomically optimized design guarantees safe and secure handling with minimal fatigue.
  • Due to the use of optical zoom technology the image senor area is always optimally utilized, thus assuring Full HD quality across the entire zoom range. The parfocal lense properties guarantee razor sharp images without the need to refocus. 
  • KARL STORZ products stand for the highest possible safety standards. The electrical shock classification CF-Defibrillation is an impressive proof of this fact.
  • The camera head features ergonomically located buttons. These are programmable and can assume a multitude of different functions.
  • Control of light sources, insufflators, capturing of still images or video sequences are only some of the possibilities.
  • High-Tech Semiconductor technology allows the deployment of complex low latency image processing algorithms.
  • Specific exposure time calculation results in excellent visibility with outstanding contrast ratio for each endoscope.
  • The cameras high light sensitivity yields detail rich and high contrast images even in demanding conditions.
  • The H3-ZI camera head is specifically designed for cardiovascular surgeries. Its 0° inline cable exit provides ergonomic benefits for operations like endoscopic vein harvesting.
  • H3-ZI with inline cable exit - ergonomically optimized for procedures which require the surgeon to hold the camera head “pen-like” from below.

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