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Instructions of preparations

Instructions on using and servicing all KARL STORZ devices are found in the Publications area of each specialty.

Here you will find information about the below mentioned topics. You can order these media, and some can even be downloaded in PDF format. To download or order, you must first log in.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Plastic Surgery (Cleaning/Disinfection/Sterilization)
Anestesia and Intensive Care Manual
Thoracic surgery and pneumology, PDD/AF
Instructions Laparoscopy
Instructions Gynecology
Instructions Urology
Instructions Proctology
Instruments and accessories for Orthopedics - Traumatology
Fiberoptic Light Cables / Fluid Light Cables
Telescopes and HOPKINS® Telescopes
Cleaning, Disinfection, Care and Sterilization of KARL STORZ Instruments
User Handbook 3975xA2, 3974xA2
Sterilization container system
User Handbook 3975XA, 3974XA
Sterilization Container System
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