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Industrial endoscopes for non-destructive testing

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Endoscopy has also become an indispensable tool in industry.There are few fields in which endoscopy cannot provide rapid, inexpensive and objective information about the interior condition of an object without the need for time-consuming disassembly or causing any damage to the object inspected.

Industrial endoscopes from KARL STORZ are used in particular for safety checks and maintenance work in the aerospace and energy sectors as well as for quality assurance and materials testing in manufacturing. Further fields of application include the safety sector, research and development in automotive technology, the construction industry, expert appraisal, the foodstuff industry and many other fields of application. In addition to their unrivalled image quality and system compatibility, industrial endoscopes from KARL STORZ are especially attractive due to their high functionality and reliability under extreme conditions.

Videoscopes, borescopes, and flexoscopes in combination with digital, multifunctional documentation units such as the TECHNO PACK® T LED represent the newest generation of endoscopy systems. They deliver images in excellent quality, which can be recorded, digitally stored, archived and processed as required. The patented technology of the MULTIPOINT measuring videoscopes enables the innovative 3D measurement of the area to be examined. Thanks to these endoscopes, determining distances and dimensions that could previously only be rough estimates has become the simplest thing in the world.