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Sybill Storz Honored as Pioneer in Endoscopy

30/05/2016 |

The entrepreneur, Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz, is honored with the Pioneer in Surgical Endoscopy Award: Dr. David Rattner (SAGES), Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz, Karl-Christian Storz, Dr. Brian Dunkin (SAGES) (from left to right).

Tuttlingen, 30.05.2016: Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz was presented with the prestigious Pioneer in Surgical Endoscopy Award by representatives from the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) at a reception at the company headquarters in Tuttlingen (Germany).

SAGES is regarded as one of the most important medical institutions in the United States in the field of gastrointestinal and endoscopic surgery whose mission is to improve quality patient care through education, research, and innovation. The SAGES Pioneer in Surgical Endoscopy Award is designated for a person in science and industry whose efforts have improved or substantially changed the field of endoscopic surgery. This is one of the most prestigious awards bestowed by the foundation and is not granted every year but is given periodically to recognize a significant, long-term contribution by an individual to this field.

“This is an extraordinary honor for me. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to SAGES for this tribute. Not only does this award mean a lot to me and the company KARL STORZ, it is of particular personal value as my father was the first to receive the Pioneer in Endoscopy Award in 1995. I take great pleasure to be able to welcome the Past President of SAGES, Dr. Brian Dunkin, and the awards committee chairman, Dr. David Rattner, to Tuttlingen for this occasion”, said Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz.

In their laudatory speeches, Dr. Rattner and Dr. Dunkin stated that Sybill Storz was awarded this honor in recognition of her pioneering and long-standing commitment to the field of medical education and training. The speakers added that Sybill Storz’s entrepreneurship reflects her continuous support for endoscopic training – not as part of a business model but based on the deep personal conviction that medicine and industry should strive to work together to promote education and progress in medicine. Furthermore, the leading role played by the company in endoscopic imaging, the integrated operation room as well as outstanding product quality and capacity for innovation underscores this commitment.

In her acceptance speech, Sybill Storz referred to the foundation of the company by her father over 70 years ago and paid tribute to his dedication to promoting and nurturing technological innovations in endoscopy from the very beginning. Technical expertise in the fields of mechanics, optics, electronics and software combined with close cooperation with surgeons from all over the world enabled the company to set major technological milestones in endoscopy throughout the past seven decades.

Sybill Storz sees the mutual trust and respect that grew between KARL STORZ and physicians as a commitment to continue to offer reliable products as well as to make every effort to support endoscopic training now and in the future. The objective of both these measures is to provide physicians with intelligent medical technology that ultimately benefits the patient. This philosophy reflects Sybill Storz’s corporate principle and that of her son, Karl-Christian, who represents the third generation of the family-run company KARL STORZ.