Spine Surgery

3D Endoscopy for Thoracic Spine Surgery

KARL STORZ sets new standards for 3D endoscopy with brilliant three-dimensional visualization. As part of the IMAGE1 S modular camera platform, existing systems can easily be adapted to include 3D.

Special Features:

  • 3D system with video endoscopes and VITOM® 3D for both endoscopic and open thoracic spine surgery
  • Easy switchover from 3D to 2D
  • Instruments specially developed for thoracic interventions featuring a unique design and ergonomic handles
  • Less invasiveness as only 3 to 4 trocar ports are required, thus eliminating the need for a large abdominal incision
  • À-la-carte concept for efficient compilation of customized instrument set


System Optimized for Approaches to Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression

Special Features:

  • One system – three sets optimized for standard approaches: Transforaminal, interlaminar and posterolateral
  • Brilliant image quality ensures clear visibility during surgery
  • Reusable bipolar electrodes and burrs for effective bone and tissue resection
  • Unique and color-coded instruments for safe and controlled application

EasyGO!® II. Generation

Tubular System for Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • A wide range of applications for treating degenerative spine diseases at the lumbar and cervical levels
  • The second, completely reworked generation provides significantly more working space and application possibilities
  • Specially adapted telescopes and the high-resolution KARL STORZ FULL HD technology enable clear and distinct differentiation of anatomic structures
  • Sequential dilation and the use of smaller trocar sizes can reduce muscle trauma and skin incision length
  • Specially developed malleable drill handpieces for use with all trocar lengths


Multifunctional High-Speed Motor System for all Indications in Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • The ergonomic DRILLCUT-X® II spine handpiece enables precise and powerful ablation of bone material during percutaneous full endoscopic surgery
  • High-speed handpieces feature a quiet drilling performance, even at speeds up to 100,000 rpm
  • Particularly long, malleable high-speed handpieces can be used for specific surgical techniques (e.g. tubular dilation systems)
  • The motor control unit features intuitive touch screen control and supports handpiece changeover via automatic motor recognition


3D Visualization for Open Spine Surgery

The VITOM® 3D system provides many surgical disciplines with a revolutionary solution for the visualization of microsurgical and open surgical interventions. Application possibilities are similar to that of the operating microscope. The most important functions are controlled via the IMAGE1 PILOT which is mounted to the OR table in close proximity to the surgeon.

  • Smaller, lighter and more compact than an operating microscope
  • Lower acquisition costs and creates synergistic effects with endoscopy by using the same video tower – thus combining the benefits of endoscopy and microscopy
  • Ergonomic work – the user is not confined to the eyepiece
  • Improved workflow – the OR team can view the procedure in the same image quality as the surgeon

VITOM® II Spine 90°

Unique System for Open Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • 90° arrangement of VITOM® II for greater flexibility in a wide range of applications
  • Great depth of field, optimal magnification and excellent color rendition
  • Integrated illuminator provides considerably more light
  • Ergonomic work in a correct posture with a clear view of the monitor
  • Combined application with spine retractors, retractors and tubular trocars such as the EASYGO!® II generation possible