KARL STORZ repairs — Correction of a misleading statement made by a competitor

23/08/2007 | Our company

KARL STORZ would like to take this opportunity to expressly oppose the publicised false allegation made by a competitor, claiming that KARL STORZ is having its lenses repaired in Pakistan. This allegation is false.
KARL STORZ has therefore managed to have this competitor company officially cautioned over the false allegation. The competitor company has legally undertaken to stop making this allegation.

KARL STORZ is an international company with production and sales centres all over the world. It takes its responsibility towards users and patients extremely seriously and thus offers high-quality products and repair services. KARL STORZ has never and still today does not base its production and repair centres in countries with the lowest wages, but rather KARL STORZ locations have always and continue to be based in areas that offer the correct knowledge, experience and expertise. For this reason, KARL STORZ rigid lenses are only repaired at our headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany, and at our production centres in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and Charlton, USA.

The high quality standard of service lenses—all service lenses are produced and checked to the same high quality standards as new products—is also of particular importance when it comes to location choice. Specially trained, highly qualified opticians and surgical instrument repair technicians in Germany, Switzerland and the USA ensure this quality standard is met.

The name KARL STORZ is synonymous with quality products and fair competition. KARL STORZ therefore always deals with dishonest actions by taking the suitable available measures.

The aforementioned unfounded allegation of the competitor is misleading to customers. We will in future continue take a tough stance against any such false information communicated to our esteemed customers that may harm the reputation of KARL STORZ.

For further information about KARL STORZ product standards or other enquiries relating to the KARL STORZ quality standard or the EndoProtect1 service programme, please contact your responsible EndoProtect1 sales representative at any time. Please visit our website under the heading EndoProtect1 or send an e-mail to