“Combining the useful with the good“ – KARL STORZ’s charitable donations campaign has been a success

11/11/2008 | Our company

A little more than a year ago, the endoscope manufacturer KARL STORZ found a new way of supporting charitable organizations. The company has been distributing three informational brochures on endoscopic therapy in the areas of ENT, gynecology and arthroscopy to customers along with the request to voluntarily donate to a charitable organization. With this program, the KARL STORZ family business once again confirms its commitment to social causes and its belief in the importance of businesses not losing sight of sustainable goals.

In close collaboration with leading physicians, KARL STORZ regularly publishes so-called Doctor to Doctor Manuals, in which practicing physicians describe surgical methods and the use of endoscopic instruments using clinical examples. When creating the manuals, KARL STORZ makes very sure that only expert physicians didactically prepare the medical content to benefit their colleagues.

The following manuals are included in the current fundraising campaign:

“Endoscopic Surgery of the Lateral Nasal Wall, Paranasal Sinuses and Anterior Skull Base, Principles and Clinical Examples” by Dr. A. Leunig

“Manual of Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery” by Dr. L. Mencaglia, Dr. L. Minelli, Dr. A. Wattiez

“Posterior Cruciate Ligament” by Prof. Dr. M. Strobel, Dr. A. Weiler

In coordination with the above authors, a plan was developed to distribute the informational manuals, which provide highly useful content for their readers, along with a request for a voluntary donation of € 5 to the German Children’s Cancer Fund or to Doctors Without Borders.

KARL STORZ is very happy to report that with our customers’ help, more than €9,500 has already been donated through this program. In addition, some recipients of the books donated directly to the above-mentioned organizations. Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz, managing director of KARL STORZ Group, commented on the success of the fundraising campaign: “I wish to thank all current and prospective customers for readily complying with our request for a voluntary donation. This is particularly exciting because it shows that companies and customers together can have a positive impact - albeit in small steps. We will gladly continue this program in the future.”