OFFICE1 Challenger ENT

The Concept

KARL STORZ OFFICE1 is our answer to ever-increasing demands on medical examination rooms. These demands include hygiene considerations, process optimization, and maximum patient satisfaction.

The OFFICE1 Challenger ENT concept variant includes the following key elements for maximum treatment support in accordance with the recommendations of the German Society of Hospital Hygiene*:

  • Spatial separation into a "clean" and an "unclean" side
  • Compact, ergonomic system in which all stored endoscopes and medical instruments are protected from dust and aerosols, optionally with additional UV-C disinfection
  • Surfaces meeting the highest hygiene standards
  • Visualization and documentation can be fully integrated

MediCenter – Smart Storage of Medical Media

  • Water-independent ear irrigation with temperature control of the irrigation medium
  • Patient-specific, pre-warmed supply of rigid endoscopes
  • Safe and efficient collection system for suction fluid

Hygiene – Safety First

  • Furniture arranged to separate the clean from the unclean side
  • The use of solid surface material minimizes the risk of trapped microbes and bacterial growth
  • Special seals in the drawers prevent contamination of endoscopes and instruments

Ideal Space Utilization – Efficient Workflows

  • Examinations can be performed intuitively; all instruments and devices are within quick and secure reach
  • Technical, spatial, and economic aspects are perfectly tailored to your circumstances
  • Clear separation between storage, working, and disposal areas

Instruments, Software, and Devices – All From a Single Source

  • Video equipment of proven KARL STORZ quality
  • High-resolution imaging available up to 4K
  • Allows integration and networking of video conferencing, documentation, and AV management systems

Timeless, Ergonomic Design – Customized

  • Room design based on the user’s wishes
  • Highly modular thanks to numerous options and accessories
  • Unique look and feel, modern, offers lasting value

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